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We guess that as a gamer, definitely, you are diligently looking for some platform or sites providing many kinds of games inside. However, it is so normal for every gamer who is very excited to find a trusted platform or sites for game. It is because not a little site promisingly provides many awesome games, but in a real, they are just a scam. So, be careful when searching the game publisher at all.

But, if you are on this page, of course, you will not get a scam for games publisher. In our page, we kindly share some trusted platform or sites which is proven for the service and also performance. So, you do not have to worry when we recommended some sites or game platform for you on our page.

Ok… one of trusted online-game site which is so popular now among the game is Y8 Games. This can be called as a game developer or publisher. Y8 is involved as a game platform that has a social network of 30 million players and growing so fast. Besides platform, Y8 is also available in the form of site. On site, you totally can watch lots of videos such as cartoons, gameplay videos, and game walkthroughs.

On Y8 games site, there is a gorgeous game that has attracted many gamers to play this game. The game name is Slope Multiplayer. Among online gamers, this game offers a simple way, but still challenging to play. To play this game, you will need focus and right accuracy.

Then, how about this game? This game is provided in the form of ball which must be rolled to achieve the score. In this game, you really have to run and roll the ball as far as possible to reach the highest score and get a chance to be a winner. Formerly, Slope just can be played by solo. But, Slope back again with a multiplayer mode to allow many players.

How to play Slope Ball in multiplayer mode? Generally, the way to play this game is totally same when you are on solo mode. You need to roll your ball along unexpected slope platforms, then, complete the levels. By completing the level and fast rolling ball, automatically, you will get a chance to reach the highest score and be a winner.

The main thing that you have to recognize is a way to roll the ball. The slope will let your ball to roll down. Then, in this way, you have to use your great skill wisely to steer the ball depending to the slope. Besides, steering the ball skill correctly, you also need to avoid the obstacles and collect the booster to get the high speed. It means that more distance gives more speed as well.

However, this slope multiplayer game is really interested to play. on Y8 games, this game has been added on 04 November 2019 and played for more than 1.3 million play times. If you are interested to play this game, you do not hesitate to access this site at https://www.y8.com/games/slope_multiplayer. Play this game, give the challenge to your friend and have fun guys.

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