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Have you ever heard about Mahjong game? Or maybe you have played it and you like playing this game. This game is very simple to play. You just have to match a picture with another one which is the same. When you play Mahjong on your computer or phones, usually you are able to choose the theme of the game such as Summer Mahjong, Fall Mahjong, Halloween Mahjong and many more.

In 247 Mahjong site, you are able to choose any theme for your game including winter since there is Winter Mahjong. How is it? We will explain about it but first let’s find out what Mahjong is. Mahjong is a game which was developed in China during the Qing dynasty. This game has spread throughout the world since the early 20th, century. Usually, this game is played by 4 players but in PC or phone, you are able to play this game alone.

This game are widely played throughout Eartern and South Eastern Asia and have been popular in Wertern countries as well. This game now has been adapted into a widespread online entertainment and one of online platforms which offer this game to be played online is 247 Mahjong site.

247 Mahjong site is one of platforms which offer you to play mahjong online for free. This site can be accessed at In this site, you are able to find mahjong in various themes and shapes such as  Pyramini Mahjong, Harmony Mahjong, Square Mahjong, Summer Mahjong, Thanksgiving Mahjong and many more. How about Winter Mahjong?

If you access the site and then you scroll down the page, then you will be able to find Winter Mahjong in the Seasonal Mahjong Games section. There, you are not only able to find Winter Mahjong, but also Spring Mahjong, Summer Mahjong, Fall Mahjong, Easter Mahjong, Halloween Mahjong, Thanksgiving Mahjong, New Years Mahjong, Valentine Mahjong, St Patricks Mahjong, Cinco de Mayo Mahjong, 4th of July Mahjong, Christmas Mahjong, and many more.

If you click on each mahjong in the seasonal mahjong games section, it will bring you to the other sites. If you want to play Winter Mahjong, then you have to click on it and then you will be brought to There, the theme is winter as the name indicates and you are able to play it directly. In the left bottom of the screen, there is a timer so that you will know how long you spend your time to play this game.

Under the mahjong game, there are some options of the mahjong shapes but they are still in winter vibe. The options of the shapes are:

  • Classic Mahjong
  • Ice Skate Mahjong
  • Hot Cocoa Mahjong
  • Sled Mahjong
  • Mitten Mahjong
  • Snowflake Mahjong
  • Winter Hat Mahjong
  • Snow Angel Mahjong
  • Fireplace Mahjong
  • Snowman Mahjong
  • Scarf Mahjong

So, what are you waiting for? If you can’t wait to play this game, just access 247 Mahjong site now and play the Winter Mahjong that you want.

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