Whishlist of Style and World Location for Far Cry 6.5

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Far Cry 6 is an upcoming FPS game which is developed by Ubisoft Toronto. It is the sixth installment of the Far Cry series. This game is scheduled to be released on February 18th, 2021 which is available in PS4, Microsoft Windows, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Stadia.

This game is set on Yara. It is a fictional Caribbean island which is inspired by Cuba. It is ruled by El Presidente Anton Castillo, a fascist dictator with full control over the island. When you play this game, have you imagined having another setting in the new game of Far Cry?

In the Ubisoft Forums, you are able to find a thread about it. The thread is entitled The location, style, world for Far Cry 6.5, the spin off after Far Cry 6. In this post, someone makes a wishlist about the location, style and world for Far Cry 6.5. Even though we know that Far Cry even has not been released yet, but it seems that there are some players who have thought too far about the spin off of this game, Far Cry 6.5.

In this post, he states that Far Cry spinoff has become a regular routine and he hopes that it will stay that way: (The legendary) Blood Dragon (Far Cry 3.5), Primal (Far Cry 4.5) and New Dawn (Far Cry 5.5). Then, he asks others on that thread about Far Cry 6.5. Here are the questions that he asks in the forum.

  • Will there be a Far Cry 6.5?
  • If there is Fry Cry 6.5 or a spinoff of Far Cry 6, which location, style, time would you like to see?
  • Do you think that we will get some DLCs with new locations and short stories like in Far Cry 5?
  • Do you like the fact that the SpinOffs of Far Cry are very creative?

The other players respond on that thread. A player said that it is too early to think about it since the Far Cry 6 is still upcoming. So, he thinks that it is better for us to wait for the Far Cry 6 first, and then we can think about what should be added in the spin off.

Another player states that he does not know whether Far Cry 6.5 will come up or not. If it will be released, then there should be voodoo, santorini and may be some swampy area, voodoo sorcerers, ghosts or something else.

There are still more opinions in this thread from other players and the opinions are of course various. If you also have any ideas about Far Cry 6.5, then you are able to add your wish on this thread in Ubisoft Forums.

We know that it is still too far to think about the things that we hope to be available in a game which is still far to be released and even the previous game of it has not been released yet. It is better for us to focus on Far Cry 6 that will be released on February 18th, 2021. But of course, it is not wrong at all if you want to think about your wish about the things that should appear in the Far Cry 6.5.

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