Waiting for Survival Mode Updates on Mobile Legend

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Mobile Legends is the name of one of the most favorite MOBA games that is present on Android smartphones. For the main match of the game, it involves two teams with each of five people who share the same goal to destroy the main headquarters. In achieving the goal, they must face various obstacles, starting from the minion, hero, or enemy turret.

Later, every player is able to select one hero to complete and have three special skills to defeat the hero, minion, turret, minion, and enemy base. What makes it interesting is it rumored that the Mobile Legends is launching the arena for its latest match called Survival Mode.

Unlike the Classic and Ranked Modes, in the Survival Mode, the player has to survive during the match with his team until the game is finished. Aside from that, there will be no turrets or headquarters to destroy.

In the other words, in Survival Mode, every hero must kill each other or defeat each other in order to get the main winner. In this mode, there will be five teams competing with three people in each team which in total will compete 15 people in one arena.

Compared to the ordinary one, the map in the Survival Mode looks extensive. At the beginning of the game using this mode a map will show up with dragons flying. Instead every team will jump from dragon to land. It is similar to the PUBG Mobile survival game that starts with each character player jumping from the plane and lands with a parachute in a particular area.

After the hero lands on the arena, the thing that the player has to do is to look for monsters to defeat. For your information, each hero will immediately have level 15 and will not have money so that he does not have items to build.

In order to get this item, each hero must defeat the monsters present in the arena. After the monster is defeated, the items will show up and are able to be taken immediately to build so that the attacks and skills possessed by the hero are getting stronger.

If you already feel that the hero it has is powerful enough to fight, then just face the enemy hero of another team. You must be careful because there are usually heroes hiding on the grass who are ready to finish off their opponents.

In addition, you are able to think of strategies with the other team members to win matches in this Survival Mode. However, this mode has not been obtained as a whole by Mobile Legends players, so they need to wait for a gradual update. Actually, this mod depends on taste because there are those who only like playing on regular mode by destroying headquarters. For that, you need to wait for the next update. While you are waiting, do not forget to follow the official social media accounts of Mobile Legends to get the newest update.

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