Using The Competitive Mode Feature Which Has Been Released on Valorant 1.02 Patch

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The latest update of Valorant has gone live with patch 1.02. It brings big changes and some much-needed hero balancing to the popular online shooter of Riot. The most important thing is that 1.02 will allow the players the highly anticipated Competitive Mode. It is set to return for the first time since its beta iteration and will include a revamped ranking system. It seems that it is one of the most extensive updates that the game has seen since its official release on June 2nd, 2020.

Valorant Competitive Mode has arrived after the game has officially left its beta period. It breaks down the basics of the new ranked mode along with an all new name for the top rank. In limited form throughout the beta, ranked play was available. But finally, Riot Games has decided that it is ready for primetime and it has managed to put the finishing touches on Competitive Mode in a new patch.

Actually, there are not any big changes to the Valorant Competitive Mode. It will be able to play as it did in the beta. Now, when you climb the ladder, iconography will represent each of the ranks and it replaces the previous rank designs. Also, when you are doing your placement matches with friends, you will have a bigger skill disparity range. It should make things more flexible when playing with other players who have different skill levels.

You may wonder about the name of the top rank in Valorant after the change in this update. As you know that previously, the top rank was named Valorant and some people thought that Riot Games had made a weird decision with it. It makes players weird to say that they are a Valorant Valorant player. So now, that top rank name is changed. The new name for the top rank in Valorant now is “Radiant”.

Is this the only change in the Valorant 1.02 update? Of course not. There are some other changes in the game. One of them is a serious UI overhaul. No, all primary sections have a back button. You are able to press Escape to go back to the Home screen. This back button has also been implemented to all ‘details’ views such as gun details, payer cards and many more.

Do you want to leave the game early. You may see that there is no hope for you to be victorious in the game so that you want to leave the game in the middle of the struggle. Now, there is an option to surrender early. If you choose to use this option, a vote will be called and a successful vote will end the match early. If you want to know how to use this option, you are able to read another article about using the lose option on Valorant surrender feature on this site.

So, what do you think about the changes which Riot Games give to you in this 1.02 update? Are you satisfied with it? Enjoy your game and good luck!

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