Using Arctic Splash and Winter Curse to Create The Large Damage on Dota 2

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here are three kinds of damage in Dota 2. The first one is Physical, which is affected by Armor. The second one is Magical, which is affected by Magic Resistance. The third one is Pure, which is not affected. If you want to create the large damage on Dota 2, you can try to use Arctic Splash and Winter Curse.

Arctic Splash or Arctic Bum gives Winter Wyvern flying movement while boosting her attack range and night version, as well as causing her attacks to burn a fraction of enemies’ current health every second. Prioritizing it may help make Winter Wyvern far more mobile and better able to counter enemy actions. In the laning stage, you can take advantage of the increased attack range, damage over time, and movement speed slow of Arctic Splash to harass the enemies away from the creep waves. Arctic Splash can be used at the start of team fights to slow and burn enemy heroes.

When initiating for a gank or team fight, Winter Wyvern is able to soar over trees and ledges/cliffs, attacking the enemy from unexpected directions. When fighting, you can use the unobstructed movement of Arctic Splash to keep Winter Wyvern among trees and high in the cliffs so enemies can’t reach her, increasing her survivability. As a result, she can keep using her long ranged abilities from safety. The flying movement of it, as well as the high attack range, and increased night vision range make Winter Wyvern a formidable nighttime ganker.

Winter Curse fully disables an opponent and applies a taunt to their nearby allies, causing them to attack the target with increased attack speed. Winter’s Curse allows Winter Wyvern to turn the power of the enemy against themselves, forcing their farmed hard carries to use their powerful physical damage output against their own team. Winter’s Curse has the ability to lock down the target through spell immunity and cannot be removed by strong dispels. You can try to exploit its long cast range and prioritize it on a key enemy that has powerful teamfight abilities or powerful utility items.

Each affected enemy will take no damage from the team of Winter Wyvern for the duration of Winter Curse, so do not waste abilities or attacks. The taunt still applies to everything passing through the radius after Winter Curse has been used, whether nearby opponents or the disabled target itself. A lot of passive abilities do not work against allied units, so please do not expect the enemy Phantom Assassin to inflict Coup de Grace strikes on her teammates. Winter Curse on multiple enemies is able to be set up for allied heroes to land their own area abilities, such as Black Hole, Death Ward, Chakram, Blood Rite, and Storm Hammer.

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