Use That Cash to Purchase Weapons for Teammates

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When you are playing Valorant in a team, you ever want to buy the weapon for your teammates. Of course, using your Creds to buy the Valorant weapon for your teammates is not totally wrong for you. In fact, you may find your teammates who just have a weapon.

Then, to reach your goal in Valorant, certainly having the best weapon is really recommended for every team. Certainly, your deed of buying your weapons for teammates is such a big goodness at all. In fact, there are a lot of teams in Valorant which always help each other to support their gameplay of Valorant.

Well, how about you? Do you also want to buy the weapons for your teammates in Valorant? Unfortunately, you don’t know how to do it, do you?

Not all Valorant players really recognize to buy weapons for teammates. They just know to buy the weapons for themselves. Certainly, buying the weapons for you will be different when you buy the weapon for your teammates. You totally have to have a great way to do it.

How to Purchase the Weapons for Teammates

At least, you need to know how to buy the weapons for your teammates using your Creds. It is officially needed when you want to reach your goal with your teammates, but your teammate does not have a recommended weapon for it. Of course, the one thing that you will do is to buy the weapon for them, isn’t it?

Well, to buy the weapon for your teammates using your Creds is really easy. Just following our ways below, we guarantee that you will buy it easily. Here they are:

  • Firstly, make sure that you have enough Credits. Indeed, the one way that you can buy the weapon is by using the Valorant Credits.
  • Then, in the Valorant game, you need to go to the Valorant shop by pressing B in-game. You automatically will be directed into a shop menu of Valorant. On the Valorant shop, you surely can find many available weapons that you can buy for your teammates.
  • After that, choose the weapon that you want to buy for your teammate. Ensure to choose the weapon as they really need.
  • Then, left-clicking on the weapon to buy it. Automatically, the weapon is yours now and your Creds will reduce.
  • Of course, before you buy the weapon for your teammates, first thing first, they will make a request for it. Then, their requests lead you to buy the weapon for them.
  • To send the weapon for your teammates, you surely need to click your teammates that will appear on the left side of the weapon menu. You definitely will find anyone who makes a request for the weapon.
  • Then, there will be two options available on your teammate, they are REQUESTING or BUY IT. Because you want to buy the weapon for your teammates, of course you have to choose BUY IT option. Then, click it.
  • After you choose the BUY IT button, the weapon that you have purchased automatically will go to him/her.

That’s it! You are totally done making a purchase of the weapon for your teammates.

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