Tips and Tricks for Getting the Cyberdriver Mission on Watchdog Game

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The Cyberdriver mission is one of the first which you will be going on with the WatchDog game. This mission begins with an easy task to go to the Hackerspace and watch a movie trailer. Then, after watching the trailer, the group comes up with a plan with any goals as follow:

  • The First Mission to Get the Script at Studio

The first goal, you have to drive to the studio lot that should be pretty simple to accomplish. There, you will proceed on foot to the main building. Near the building, you have to head to the South side where you will find some vending machines and wooden overhangs. Then, climb the vending machine up and jump onto the wooden overhangs to get access to the open area above.

When you open the door and head left, you will find a guard here. So, knock him out with a melee attack. Then, enter the room he was protecting to get the emails. With the emails obtained, you have to head towards the door on the left this room. You may find a guard who is patrolling there, it is quite simple in which you can pop-up on the door and take down the guard who is beside it.

If someone happens to notice you, of course they will come up stairs to investigate. Simply, just wait at the top of the stairs. Then, run up to melee when they get close. Due to this goal is to find the script on the studio, of course, you need to focus on Studio condition.

When you are on the roof of the Studio, make sure that it’s quiet. You need to jump down and enter the room. Get the script soon, then, you need to leave the area.

Well, the tips and trick in this Cyberdriver mission is to ensure that you learn about the place, including the Studio to get the script.

  • The Second Mission to Steal the Car

This is the second mission that requires you to steal the car. To achieve this goal, you actually need to get information that will tell you the main part of the mission. The goal of this mission is to lose the cops. After you lose the cops, you automatically will have to drive the car to Wrench’s garage to finish this part of this mission.

Well, tips and tricks in this second mission is to enable you to power the skill on avoiding the cops.

  • The Third Mission of Finding Key Data

In this mission, you must grab some Key Data from the parking garage. Finding the Key Data is to ease you to access earlier. To get it, you have to head into the underground garage beneath Embarcadero Center. Then, inside the small CtOS garage, there are three guards. Attack and eliminate them, then pick up the Data from next to the workbench.

Well, the tips and tricks to find the Key Data is to have a skill in attacking the guards.

  • The Fourth Mission to Perform the Stunts

This is the last mission of Cyberdriver. All you have to do is to drive the car around the town. Make sure that you stick to the designated path. After a short time, the cops will chase you. Then, you can use the turbo boost to keep ahead of them. After you reach the goal, some cutscenes will play. Finally, the Cyberdriver mission is done.

Well, the tips and trick to perform the stunts is to drive the car with a fast speed boost to avoid the cops.

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