The Most Powerful Secret of Counter Meta Diggie Feeder on Mobile Legend

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You may try to stop Meta Diggie Feeder in Mobile Legends. But, do you know that there are some most powerful secrets of Counter Meta Diggie Feeder which can give the impactful thing to the team which tries to use that meta.

First, come back to the Carry formation. For now, meta hyper carry is the most dangerous strategy. This formation is effective because a Hero will have a useful function to reach a win for the team. With this meta, the gameplay will end more fast because it does not need more time for the carry to maximize item and its level. So, the teamfight will happen faster in the match. Diggie Feeder is successful in stealing attention in Mobile Legends to kill hyper carry. In the execution, Diggie is used to follow the carry of the opponent. This simple action can give a big impact for the opponent. However, the most effective way to kill a meta Diggie Feeder is to use two carry. It means that you have to use 1-2-2 formation which is filled by carry mid and one in sideline.

Second, you can use Assassin with high mobility. The job of Diggie in meta is to follow where the carry of the opponent goes. It means that you have to use Hero which is faster than Diggie. It also means that if you use carry like lancelot, Ling, Hellcurt, or Fanny, it will be easy for you to avoid from Diggie’s chase.

Choosing Assassin is the most correct way instead of using Yi Sun Shin or Roger which is too agile in moving. If you use the Assassin with high mobility, it will be hard for Diggie to balance your moves. Automatically, in the match, meta will be not effective and the function of Diggie will be unclear.

Third, you are able to use Assassin Bounty Hunter Emblem. Besides countering with gameplay, you are also able to use Diggie with using Emblem Bounty Hunter. It will make carry gets additional gold about 30% for 15 times. It means that if Diggie still insists on following your carry, you are able to kill it because you will get gold in a large amount. The existence of this emblem also will be able to handle the limit of the gold which is applied by Moonton.

Next, you also have to make sure that your sideline is filled by a strong hero. If Diggie follows carry, the task of other players is to try to push the turret when you are busy to banish Diggie. This thing must be avoided because by doing this you will miss the turret from the enemy and the farming area will become narrower. It is better for you to use Hero which is strong in sideline such as Esmeralda and Gatotkaca. These types of heroes will be able to hold the opponent’s onslaught while the others are busy team fight keeping the carry.

The last method is that you can bad the Diggie. By doing it, you will avoid this meta. But, if you ban Diggie, there must be the advantages and the disadvantages that you have to get.

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