The Most agile Character That You Have to Find on Hack and Slash

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Do you like playing hack and slash games? If you like playing this kind of game, you may wonder about the most agile character that you have to find on hack and slash games. But first, what is a hack and slash game?

Well, hack and slash game is a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat with melee based weapons such as swords or blades and also some projectiles based weapons. This type of game is a subgenre of the Beat ’em up genre which focuses on melee combat usually with fists. Actually, the term of hack and slash was used to describe a play style in tabletop role-playing games. Then, the term is brought to MMORPGs, MUDs, and roleplaying video games. However, the term has a different usage in arcade and console style action video games, specifically implying a focus on real-time combat with hand to hand weapons as opposed to guns or fists.

If you want to play free hack and slash games on Android, there are some best games of this type that you are able to try to play. Here are some of them.

  • Eternium: Mage and Minions
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Dungeon Hunter 5
  • Candy Cave
  • Galactic Warrior
  • Taichi Panda
  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
  • and many more.

Do you want to know the most agile character that can be found on hack and slash games? Well, since there are a lot of games which have hack and slash type, so there may be a lot of characters which are agile. Also, each character of every game of course has their own advantages and disadvantages. The different fields of every game also make it difficult for you to compare one character to another. So, every character in every game has their own unique things that cannot be compared with the other characters.

If you want to know the agile characters of hack and slash games, you have to play some hack and slash games and then you are able to compare the characters of each game by yourself. Besides, you are also able to ask other people in a forum about it. In a forum, you may find people who play a lot of hack and slash games and then they may be able to give their opinion about the most agile character in the hack and slash game.

If you want to know the most playable characters in a hack and slash video game, according to the Guinness World Records site is achieved by Warriors Orochi 4. The most playable characters of this game is 170 and this game is developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD, Japan. It was verified on September 3rd, 2018. In Japan, Warriors Orochi 4 is released as Musou Orochi 3. In the game, there are warriors from the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors series.

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