The Biography: Who is the Creator of Subway Surfers?

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Subway Surfers was created by SYBO Games and Kiloo. The CEO Mathias Gredel Norvig of SYBO was the lead creator of the game and even though it was a collaboration of both studios, SYBO ended up predominantly owning the product.

SYBO Games is the name of the mobile game entertainment studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This one was founded by Sylvester Rishoj Jensen and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner. The studio is mainly popular for being the creators and intellectual property owners of the most downloaded mobile runner game called Subway Surfers. Aside from Subway Surfers, SYBO have also released a second mobile runner game named Blades of Brim. Just like Subway Surfers, this game is also an endless runner freemium title with in-app purchases. SYBO was included in the first seven Snapchat games with the Subway Surfers Airtime, released late 2019.

The games produced by SYBO are free-to-play, and intuitive for new ones at almost any age to begin and get a sense of achievement and succeed without paying to win. Each third week, Subway Surfers travels to a new place around the globe and have already visited more than 60 different cities. The program is known as the Subway Surfers World Tour. The universe of the game gives fans a humorous and relatable environment through cartoony graphics. This one is an all inclusive game which features characters from all around the world, with different styles, boards, and outfits.

Creative Director Sylvester Rishoj Jensen and CEO Bodie Jahn-Mulliner founded SYBO Games in 2010 as the consequence of winning the first prize for the best animation movie at Hamburg Animation Award 2009. Both of them met for the first time from the leading animation institution in Denmark called the Animation Workshop. The short film of them featured a graffiti troublemaker who had to run away from the dog and the guard as they ran after him in the subway. Getting the game idea for Danish Film Institute, New Danish Screen sponsored SYBO Games initiative for the game, resulting in a release of the game three years later. Before the launch of Subway Surfers, they also made game apps called Cosmic Cab and Powerflow. Right now, the game studio is completely self-owned and continues to develop regular updates for Subway Surfers, while also making the other games for mobile devices.

Apart from the games, SYBO also has a thing called SYBO TV. SYBO TV is the name of the thing on Youtube hosted by Adam and Alex. This one broadcasts live streams of the game, hosts special guest interviews, movie premiers, attends events, and shows delicious shakes video of Jake. The channel is the one that is full of entertainment connected to the Subway Surfers game as well as the Animated Series and newer projects such as Mark AR (the one that collaborates with iDreamSky). It has more than 4 million subscribers from all over the world, who are not only interested in the mobile game but also just love entertaining content.

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