The Best Weapons in Apex Legends

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In this article, we are going to share information about the best weapons in Apex Legends. If you come to this page to find out this information, make sure that you read this entire article. Here are the best Apex Legends weapons:


The Mastiff Shotgun can only be obtained by a drop, that will be marked on the map by three blue rings that ripple like water. The shotgun holds four to the magazine and can dish out 144 damage to the body and a whopping 288 to the head should your entire spread land. It is worth the risk in trying to get your hands on one. A drawback is that you cannot restock on ammo as it’s unique, meaning you’ll be stuck with the ammo clip the Mastiff comes with straight out of the box.


This is a true marksman’s treasure. The Wingman has proven a favorite among those who love themselves a good shot. It does boast the lowest clip-size and fire-rate of all the pistols with six per magazine but can deal damage of 45 to the body and 90 to the head. Crikey.


A real common sight in most Apex Legends metas is the Peacekeeper. With a damage output of 110 to the body and 165 to the head, it is a reliable two tap kill. Also, it is able to use the “Precision Choke” mod to tighten the projective spread and create it more deadly at further ranges. It holds six to the magazine and relies upon mag and optic mods to further boost performance.


The Kraber holds a lot in common with the Mastiff. It is powerful, but you will not be able to replenish its ammo so you will be stuck with just the eight shots. While you cannot upgrade it with mods either, that does not come into play as the sniper is nearly perfect just out of the box. Its scope is able to cover both six-times to eight-times in terms of distance and it is able to output 125 damage to the body and 250 to the head. With a fully armoured foe having 200 health, the Kraber will put a real dent in any Legend.


The Longbow is a good middle point between fire-rate and damage. It holds six to the mag and deals 55 damage to the body and 110 damage to the head. It is able to use the skull piercer mod like the Wingman. On top of that, you are also able to build the Longbow up with barrel, optic, mag, and stock mods to help you in getting plenty of crunching headshots with that skullpiercer mod.


The R-99 has a much swifter fire-rate to the Alternator. It can put out the damage of 11to the body and 16to the head. But, with a magazine-size of just two more at 20, the clip is again a problem. You have to keep your eyes peeled for mag mod alongside a barrel, optic, and stock attachment.

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