Super Mario 3D World is Bringing the Co-op Party to Switch in 2021

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We have heard rumors all year long that Nintendo was planning to bring back the Wii U release of Super Mario 3D World in a new port for the Switch, and eventually that rumor has been confirmed now.

Announced to kick-off Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th Anniversary, now Super Mario 3D World is slated to officially come to Switch on February 12, 2021. Nintendo stated in the opening of the Direct that release dates could be subject to change given development difficulties that have come about in the wake of COVID-19, however for now, this is when it is set to arrive.

As for what is new in this edition of the game, online co-op is likely the biggest addition for lots of fans. Compared to the original release, now the fans will be able to play Super Mario 3D World together with one another without needing to be on the same couch. Yeah, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is really coming to Switch next year, and it is adding in online multiplayer and what looks like a big new infusion of stages. Maybe most notably is the addition of a new portion of the game which is called Bowser’s Fury. Details of what this is going to entail were not really given in the reveal trailer for the game, but this port’s full title is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Nintendo revealed the new version of the Wii U classic in a surprise Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary. Also revealed the impending release of the catalog collating Super Mario 3D All Stars. Nintendo keeps the specifics of what new game content Super Mario 3D World will add secret. The trailer for the game ends with a teaser for the world set on a stormy beach. Nintendo has already confirmed that the new version is going to enable online co-op multiplayer. It was sorely missing from the 2013 original. It means that you and up to three friends must be able to scramble around the stages toward roughly the same goal both over Nintendo Switch Online and in person when the new game arrives.

The original Super Mario 3D World created use of some Wii U exclusive features such as the touchpad and microphone to allow you manipulate parts of the stage, so you will be curious to see how the Switch version addresses those aspects of the game. Mostly we are just excited to play again, because Super Mario 3D World is still one of our all-time favorite Mario games, constantly packed with surprises and fun. Aside from that, Nintendo also confirmed that it is putting out two new very plush-looking Amiibo for the game; Cat Mario and Cat Peach. It is not Super Mario 3D World’s fault that it came out on a console barely anybody bought. At this time, its re-emergence on Switch will finally be a chance to show the 3D world what it can do.

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