Subway Surfers Designed to the Creator’s Deceased Child

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Subway Surfers is known as one of the most loved mobile games co-developed by two Denmark-based game developers, Kiloo in Aarhus and Sybo in Copenhagen. This one puts an adventurous spin to what is a generally dangerous act of subway surfing.

A rumor floating around the Internet alleges that the creator of the Subway Surfers created this game as a tribute to a son who passed away while subway surfing. It is going viral, but the Internet is in disbelief. Does the well-known endless runner game really have a tragic backstory to its origin? In fact, the inspiration behind this game is unrelated to any real incidents of subway surfing.

Sylvester Rishoj Jensen and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner, whose names mix to form the name of the company called Sybo Games, gathered the concept for Subway Surfers long before the game was created. In reality, they first developed the concept for an animated short film they made at the Animation Workshop in Denmark in 2009.

After graduating, both worked in animation and game development with some companies like Kiloo. When the chance arose, those guys turned their animated short into a video game. Jahn-Mulliner and Jensen had never released anything related to the game before, so they teamed up with Kiloo to release Subway Surfers in 2012. The success of this game allowed Sybo to develop more games independently after the end of their contract with Kiloo. However, two companies maintain a partnership in order to improve or update Subway Surfers.

The rumor that Subway Surfers was dedicated to the deceased child of the creator is not new. This groundless claim also blew up on the Internet back in 2017. According to a post on Facebook that now has been deleted, the origin of this claim is able to be traced to a subway surfing incident in New York. The subway surfer in question was a 20-something called Christoper Guttilla.

Christopher Guttilla was hunted by the police after he posted a dramatic video on Instagram in 2017 that showed him surfing a train in Queens. The video was viral, gaining more than 9,000 likes. According to the police, it was not the first time Guttilla doing the death-defying stunts on and on trains. This one was also wanted for graffiti-tagging in subway stations.

However, his father, Joseph Guttilla, said that his son was being exploited by a friend to make the thrill-seeking videos. He claimed that his son was autistic and diagnosed with a mental illness, which explains why he was fixated on trains.

Furthermore, the father explained that Christopher started subway surfing when he was 14 and kept doing it despite their attempts to get him to stop his dangerous actions. He accused that friend that he wanted to increase their own social media popularity. Christopher Guttilla surrendered himself to the cops after his father spoke to the media. Basically, he did not die subway surfing and there have been no more viral moments from him since 2017.

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