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Staying Sharp is the name of the program that empowers you to use the newest science in order to help protect and straighten your brain and sharpen your memory and focus. This one is based on the information and actions that you can take to maintain and improve your brain health as you age. You can choose from articles, recipes, activities, videos and fun brain games designed to fit into your daily routine.

One of the most favorites is fun brain games. now you are able to have fun challenging your memory while learning valuable brain health tips based on scientific evidence. With the simple voice commands, you can see how many numbers or words that you can remember. There is someone named Alexa that will personalize the level of difficulty for every game based on how well you are doing. The girl will also give motivating feedback while you play the game. When you finish the game, she will announce your score. You are encouraged to practice every day and see if you are able to beat your previous scores.

Fun brain games of Staying Sharp program includes spit words. For instance, you are looking for the name of a flower. It us in the tip of your tongue. You know that the word starts with “am..”. as quickly as possible, you need to form complete words by combining syllables or fragments from the game table. Apparently, the target words are categorized into themes and you have a choice of working with two or three syllables or fragments.

To be successful, a memory must be acquired, stored, and accessible. Even though the memory is achieved through some phases, memory retrieval is the only method a memory is able to be measured. In fact, the brain area in the game is left temporal lobe, that gets activated when the information retrieval is called upon. All that you have to do is to practice to quickly retrieve words from your language repertoire. Every syllable is able to be seen as a phonetic cue that facilitates word retrieval. In this case, you need to think in syllables.

What is the benefit of split words to daily life? One of the most frequent complains relates to tip of tongue phenomenon is the universal experience of trying to think of a word that you know but you are not able to instantly retrieve. As someone gets older, he or she may have more of tip of the tongue experiences so it is better to address these issues as soon as possible.

People talk to each other every day and it is important to have a fluent conversation with the others and to convey precisely what we mean to say. When giving a speech, teaching a class or describing a complex thing, it is better to have easy access to an extensive vocabulary. Someone needs to practice using their language. It is believed to be the main key to help memory retrieval.

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