Sony and Microsoft Adding a USB 3 Port on a Console Using Sata SSD Drives

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These two large competing companies do not want to lose to each other.  A few days ago, Microsoft revealed the specifications of the Xbox Series X console to the public. As if not wanting to lose, Sony is now also doing the same thing.

This Japanese technology company revealed the details and specifications of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. Through a live-streaming video, Sony discusses more about the innards and components on the PS5.

According to the Lead System Architect of Playstation 5, Mark Cerny, Sony will use a solid-state drive (SSD) as storage media. This is in accordance with the predictions of a number of analysts.

Then, what is the special thing that you can find on SSD drives?

In this case, SSDs have faster read and write speeds than hard disk drives (HDD). On an HDD, the device will take 2 to 50 milliseconds of read time to load 50-100MB of data. Meanwhile, SSD use is considered more efficient. According to Mark, SSDs are 10 times faster than HDDs. Even to read a game, it only takes 2.7 seconds.

He also said that the PS5 will be equipped with an internal SSD storage with a capacity of 825 GB. This capacity can still be expanded because Sony provides an additional SSD slot on the PS5 device. Apart from that, Sony also provides a USB port that can be used to connect devices with an external HDD.

The use of an external hard disk can be used for backward compatibility, where users can play PlayStation 4 games via HDD. This brand-new console will also come with an AMD Zen 2 (octa-core) processor with a speed of 3.5 GHz along with AMD’s RDNA 2-based graphics processor. The PS5 will also be equipped with 16 GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will add SSD drives to the Xbox One console. Microsoft Xbox One does not allow you to open it and replace the internal drive. However, the Xbox One doesn’t support external hard drives that you can connect via USB.

Instead, you can buy a fast external SSD that uses the USB 3.0 specification, plug it into your Xbox One, and you can install games on that drive. Of course, the games will load faster from an external drive which is fast enough than from an internal mechanical drive.

You will need a drive that supports USB 3.0 and is at least 256 GB in size, or the Xbox One will not allow you to install games onto it.

You can also look for solid-state drives that use USB 3.0 for fastest performance – you may want to benchmark external drives before you buy them. The cheap USB 3.0 external drives may actually be quite slow, even though they are labeled “USB 3.0”. The Xbox One offers three USB 3.0 ports, so you can have up to three external drives connected.

Well, you can plug the external drive into your Xbox One and you’ll be prompted to format it and use it for games and applications. You can also access this option from Settings> All settings> System> Storage> Format for games & apps.

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