Solved Problem to VCRUNTIME140.dll Missing Error on Valorant Update Causes

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After installing the Valorant 1.07 update, some users of Windows are reporting that they are unable to launch the Valorant game. It shows either a VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing or ‘VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing error. Because of this required DLLs are not installed in Windows, when you start Valorant, the game is displaying a VCRUNTIME140.dll missing error.

A later patch released by Riot Games alerts the users who start Valorant that they need to install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime.” When building today’s update, Riot Games forgot to include a Windows dynamic link library (DLL) which is required to run the game. You have to know that the vcruntime140.dll error in Valorant is caused by a missing or corrupt data file. This specific file is a runtime library for Microsoft Visual Studio C++. While this error seems to be caused by a recent update, you are able to fix it by replacing the DLL file.

Since vcruntime140.dll and vcruntime140_1.dll are part of Microsoft Visual Studio, they are used in all manner of software. Aside from Valorant, the file is used for Uplay, Hitman 2, Plex, and even Skype. Unfortunately, that means changing either file could get messy. The safest bet to solve the issue in Valorant is to repair or reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio. You will be able to find the latest Visual C++ downloads at the Microsoft website.

It is possible to fix the vcruntime140.dll missing error easily by downloading a new copy of the file. Since it is a commonly used part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio package, you are able to download vcruntime140.dll or vcruntime140_1.dll from some websites such as Before you do, you need to note this warning: Replacing system files is not recommended for less tech-savvy users. Installing incorrect runtime libraries are able to cause software instabilities. Please do not attempt to download a replacement file unless you are reasonably confident in your own system repair abilities. Approach this fix at your own risk.

After you reinstall or replace vcruntime140.dll, Valorant should start working as normal. If it does not, or if the replacement files you found online do not work, you are going to have to wait for the team at Respawn Entertainment to fix the issue. Considering how widespread this error has become, you are able to likely expect a fix sooner rather than later. To install this runtime and fix the vcruntime140.dll or vcruntime140_1.dll is missing error in Valorant, you are able to follow these steps to download the latest Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft:

  • Please go to this Microsoft support page.
  • Then, you are able to download and install both the vc_redist.x86.exe and the vc_redist.x64.exe.
  • After installing the runtimes, you may be prompted to restart Windows. Do so if requested.
  • Now, you should be able to run Valorant again.
  • The users who have installed the runtimes in the past will not need to do so again.

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