Received the Medals Rank of Team for Your Personal Best on Overwatch

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he medals rank the team, not your personal bests is counted as one of the 20 essential tips and dirty of Overwatch. The medals received at the end of each round are delicious, but initially some people thought they were ranking their own personal records, while in fact, they reflect your performance within the team in the game, so do not feel too proud or downtrodden.

Apart from the medals rank the team, not your personal bests, the other essential tips and dirty of Overwatch include:

  1. Health/Armor/Shield
  2. Exploit hidden shield effects
  3. Audio cues are practical, not realistic
  4. Fire at anything
  5. Anti-Bastion
  6. Deflect anything
  7. The easy way to time ultimates
  8. Renhardt’s Shields are permeable
  9. Tweak character-specific options
  10. Hidden abilities? Mercy me!
  11. The other way to heal turrets
  12. Cooldowns are quicker than you think
  13. Use the melee
  14. Attack the flanks, defend the flanks
  15. Wait
  16. Damage boost ultimates
  17. Mei = Bae
  18. Class-based means counters
  19. Skill matters less than brains

If you want to know the other 19, here is the explanation about some of them. This paragraph is about Health/Armor/Shields. Health/Armor/Shields is one of the first things Overwatch explains, and it is pretty clear that a lot of players did not take it in. You could go into endless depth but it is important to understand some basics about how the different kinds of HP operate: health and armor does not regenerate but shields do.

Hence, with the shield heavy Zarya, the being set up of the character to bait shots with her shields before dropping her barrier to absorb the fire and power up. The most important thing is, having armor as any part of your health pool reduces the damage of incoming fire for as long as it is there. It is really effective against high frequency low damage weapons, where each shot will be affected, and less so against single shot big damage weapons like rockets. As the practical instance, you can take the oft misunderstood tank D.Va, sometimes seen as a poor alternative to the REinhardts and Winstons. The entire point of D.Va is that her health pool is disproportionately stacked with armor, and therefore she is the choice counter for teams attacking with Tracers and Soldier 76. Please dash into their vicinity and the shots bounce off you like confetti.

This one consists of information about exploiting hidden shield effects. In order to briefly come back to the Russian bicep queen, Zarya is built around applying a barrier to herself and teammates, and it has one very special property. The barrier has 200HP but is able to absorb a single attack greater compared to the value before disappearing. It means it has amazing utility against something like the Rip Tire ultimate of Junkrat or the self destruct of D.Va, pop a barrier on yourself and any nearby teammates, and you will emerge unscathed from the explosion.

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