Pyramid Mahjong 247

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Do you want to play Mahjong? It is time for you to experience the wonders of the world with Pyramid Mahjong on This one can be described as classically architeced board game that is fashioned to look like one the popular pyramids of Giza, and rivals it in intrigue.

Before anything, please keep in mind that this puzzle game is for mahjong solitaire experts only. You are able to play it if you are in need of a serious challenge. Because of the mahjong tiles are inaccessible at the beginning of the game, you will need to break it down front the top to expose as many tiles as quickly as possible.

Basically, Pyramid Mahjong 247 is very difficult strategy game. In the game, you have to eliminate mahjong tiles, starting from the top. Then, work you way down and try to expose as many tiles as quickly as possible. If you are able to beat this puzzle game, you are a Mahjong Solitaire Pharaoh.

If you think Pyramid Mahjong 247 is too intense and the layout of it is too difficult, there is the smaller version of it called Pyramini Mahjong 247. This one has the same basic structure of Pyramid Mahjong 247, but it is much smaller, making it easier and less intense. It is a perfect choice for a beginner who wants to try pyramid kind of mahjong.

Once again, Pyramini Mahjong 247 is the mini version of Pyramid Mahjong 247. In the game, you can build your way up to the more difficult mahjong solitaire. By playing the game, you can also discover why this one is one of the most popular layouts around.

Pyramid Mahjong 247 and Pyramini Mahjong 247 are not the only 247 Mahjong puzzles. Aside from these two, there are also some other ones such as Classic Mahjong, Harmony Mahjong, Fish Mahjong, Bridge Mahjong, Twin Peaks Mahjong, Tri Peaks Mahjong, Hollow Mahjong, H Mahjong, Teeth Mahjong, Gate Mahjong, Butterfly Mahjong, Triangle Mahjong, Square Mahjong, X Mahjong, Classic II Mahjong, Tower Mahjong, UFO Mahjong, Cross Mahjong, Great Wall Mahjong, Snake Mahjong, Blade Mahjong, Double Play Mahjong, Bullseye Mahjong, and Circle Mahjong.

Pyramid Mahjong 247, Pyramini Mahjong 247, Circles Mahjong 247, Twin Peaks Mahjong 247, and Tri Peaks Mahjong 247 look similar when it comes to the form. Circles Mahjong 247 is named as one of the hardest boards around, combining two mahjong circles into a game. This one is perfect for those mahjong experts out there. Twin Peaks Mahjong 247 will have you fighting the mahjong tiled towers two at a time. Which one fill fall first? Find out the answer by playing the game. Tri Peaks Mahjong 247 can give you 3x excitement. This one is a medium difficulty board game. It is perfect for those days when you just want to relax and melt away some mahjong tiles. To play this one, the strategy is important so you need to think a little bit about every move before you make it.

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