Problem Solve if the Steering Wheel Not Detect on GTA 5

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Manual Transmission with the thing called steering wheel support for GTA 5. The features include control over the transmission and drivetrain components, complete steering wheel integration, with Force Feedback, enchanted support for keyboard or mouse and controllers, custom realistic active driver assists: ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control, customizable steering wheel rotation, with synchronized animations, custom first-person driving camera with physics effects, enhanced experience with the other software and mods, and extensive customizability of nearly every aspect of the mod using the in-game menu.

Requirements of Manual Transmission:

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • ScriptHookV
  • DashHook (optional)

How to install Manual Transmission? The first thing that you have to do is to put Gears.asi and the folder ManualTransmission in your GTA5 folder (you can overwrite when asked). Then, put DismembermentASI.asi by CamxxCore in your GTA 5 folder (if not already installed). The next thing that you have to do is to read the READMe and configure the mod to your preferences with the in-game menu. After that, use the in-game menu. wheel users: Assign all axes and buttons you intended to use.

If you want to update the Manual Transmission, you can put the Gears.asi and the folder ManualTransmision in your GTA 5 folder. Then, old settings do not have to be overwritten. When it is done, check the changelog for new or changed options.


  • Menu opening:

o   Press [{ (US layout) (right of the P on most QWERTY keyboards)

o   Enter the mtmenu cheat

o   Hit RB + B on your controller.

  • Default keys: Check the options in the menu.

There are some known bugs and problems. One of them is that the wheel is not detected. If this happens, please try these:

  • If you are using Steam, you can try to fix it by navigating Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controlled Settings > uncheck Generic Gamepad Configuration Support (found by Kaerali).
  • Try to check if your drivers are up to date and the wheel works for the other games.
  • Try to check if some other programs are not using your wheel (x360ce, and so on).

If you have steering wheel issues, you can check if your wheel is recognized correctly. Apparently, a recent Windows 10 update forces new Logitech software which will mess up older Logitech steering wheels. If the steering wheel is not detected, the first thing that you can do is to try toggling the mod (\ key). Then, make sure you have removed xinput dlls from the GTA V directory. After that, tag Github or any of the linked forum threads with a copy of ManualTransmission\Gears.log.

For more information about the method to solve if the steering wheel is not detected on GTA 5, please visit some forums like GIthub. Basically, please visit the places where you will be able to find people who share the same interest in GTA 5 as you. Aside from that, you are also recommended to contact the customer support of the game called GTA.

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