Problem Solve for Purchased Issues with GTA 5 on Steam

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If you are planning to purchase GTA 5 through the official website of Steam, you need to know some common problems that usually occur. By understanding these issues, your journey to purchase the game might be easier. Here are some common problems that usually happen along with their solutions.

  • Your purchase attempts are failing, what should you do?

If you are trying to purchase through the Steam website, please try purchasing through the Steam application, or vice versa. You can try to disable or completely remove any IP proxy or VPN software that you may be using, restart your computer, and test your purchase again. Each transaction that is initiated through anonymous proxies will be declined by Steam. For those who are unable to complete a purchase, you can contact Steam Support with detailed information, including your Steam account name and the exact error message that you are seeing.

  • You are currently traveling to another country, and your purchases are failing. How can you resolve this issue?

Make sure that any IP proxy or VPN software that you may have is disabled and attempt your purchase using the billing address as it shows up on your bank statement. If this error persists, you can contact Steam Support and make sure to include your Steam account, the country you are from, and the country that you are currently visiting.

  • Stream informed you that your purchase failed, but there is a pending charge on your credit or debit card. Why?

If the error message that you get when failing a purchase has the words temporary hold, you may have failed an AVS (address verification) or CVV2 (3-digit code on the back of the card) check with your bank. In this case, most banks will still let the purchase go through, setting the funds for the purchase amount side, despite this information being not correct. Apparently, Steam will always decline a transaction that fails an address or CVV check. They will not collect the funds that your bank has put on hold and your banks will release the funds to you at a later date per their policy. It usually takes up to 10 business days.

  • An unexpected error has occurred and your purchase has not been completed.

This kind of error is able to occur when the system of Steam has encountered an issue with the transaction that you are attempting to make. You can test the issue once or twice more, making sure that you are entering the correct billing information. It is better for you to avoid spamming failed purchase attempts more than a few times. If you continue to face this error, please use the Help button on the site to select your failed purchase and contact Steam Support for further support. In order to contact Steam Support, you will have to sign in to the platform by entering two things which are the Steam account name and the password.

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