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Do you want to play the game of Outspell? If you want to play the game of Outspell, so you will be able to play the game on MSN Games. For your information, MSN Games is a platform that provide lots of games. We get information that there are many people who like playing the game of Outspell on MSN Games. Even, they are able to play the game online for free.

On MSN Games, you are able also to play other word games such as Word Wipe, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games, Text Twist 2, Wander Words, Just Words, Daily Word Search, Letter Garden, Family Feud and Wordz. Now, you do not be hesitate to go to MSN Games and play the game. In this article, we are going to tell some information related Outspell game. So, you do not go anywhere and keep staying here.


Outspell game is a free online spelling game. If you are a word-lover, we suggest you to play this Outspell game. We are sure that the game can make you entertained for hours. You have to note that this Outspell game similar with Scrabble. On the game of Outspell, you will be asked to build the words and score points based on the values of letter tiles. For your information, the game of Outspell has many fun twists and we are sure that you are going to like it. Here are some things that you have to know related the game of Oustpell:

  • You have to try to out spell your way to victory.
  • Word game players are going to like this free online game, with lots of fun twists on classic words game rules. Multiple levels from easy to expert to select from.
  • You are able to pick your computer opponent’s difficulty and jump on in.
  • You have to play a word parallel to one already on the board, making three or four new words and many points with one play.
  • If you are a word game veteran, so you are probably familiar with words like XI or ZA or QAT. You are able to use these in corraboration with longer words to score more points.


  • Firstly, you are able to go to MSN Games. Then, you are able to search and find the game of Outspell. Simply, you are able to click this link;¬†https://zone.msn.com/en/outspell/default.htm?intgid=hp_word_4.
  • The game of Oustpell open. Now, you are able to click at “Play Free Online” to start play the game.
  • Next, you are able to click at “Play Now” and then you will be asked to select your desired difficulty. In this time, you are able to select Easy, Medium or Hard. If you are a beginner of Outspell game, so you are able to select and click at “Easy”.
  • Finally, you are able to play the game of Outspell. Happy gaming.

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