Optimize Smoothing Out Visual Experience on Minecraft Client

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When you are playing Minecraft, you may want to optimize the visual experience on the Minecraft client. However, smoothing out the visual experience in Minecraft is such an important thing that you have to do.

But, you may not know how to optimize the visual experience in Minecraft. Of course, to optimize the visual experience, you totally will need a mod which will allow you in smoothing out the visual experience in Minecraft.

Then, what is the Minecraft mod which is useful to optimize the visual experience?

In Minecraft, you will find a mod name Optifine which is seemingly needed to optimize the visual experience. Moreover, OptiFine is a useful mode which was created by sp614x. This mod was designed to check out Minecraft’s lighting and rendering systems to increase their efficiency and detail. However, Optifine is a purely client-side mod that will crash if loaded by a server.

It means that you can totally use this OptiFine mod to optimize the visual experience in Minecraft. Even if you are not interested to get a big Minecraft mod, of course every player should install Optifine. Today we’re going to dig into Optifine’s guts and highlight all the ways you can use it to optimize the visual experience in Minecraft whether you’re using an unsupported device to play Minecraft.

Why should we use OptiFine to smooth out the visual experience?

However, without the OptiFine mod, the computers render Vanilla Minecraft at 3-6 FPS, the game is totally choppy and unplayable. Then, if we use OptiFine on default settings, the game will play at 15 FPS with additional tweaking in playing Minecraft at 24-30 FPS or so.

At least, on OptiFine, you will find video settings in general that you have to explore. Here are they:

  • Graphic

To optimize the visual experience, you can use this setting to turn on shadow, dynamic water, transparent leaves, and volumetric clouds.

  • Smooth Lighting

We suggest you boost your FPS by using smooth lighting on Minecraft’s performance.

  • Smooth Lighting Level

This will allow you a finer level of control how Smooth Lighting is applied.

  • GUI Scale

You can adjust the onscreen display if you are playing Minecraft on a very large monitor. Then, find GUI to be too small.

  • Brightness

There is no effect on performance, you simply adjust the light levels in the game.

  • Fog

This allows you to set the fog render quality as Fancy, Fast and Off.

  • Fog Start

If you really want to make it more difficult and more moody, of course you just can adjust the fog closer. So, you can see less of the Minecraft world around you.

  • 3D Anaglyph

You can find this in Vanilla Minecraft. To use it, you can choose the traditional red-blue 3D glasses.

  • Render Distance

This setting totally will enhance the version of the one in Vanilla Minecraft. With OptiFine, you can max it out at 32. Indeed, it will lower this number to increase FPS.

  • Max Framerate

If your computer cannot display a frame, you definitely can refresh the rate of your monitor. A 30, 60, or 120hz rate is really recommended.

  • View Bobbing

You can off the view bobbing to make the view stable.

  • Advanced OpenGL

It will only work on machines with GPUs which will support OpenGL 2.0+. It will help you to increase FPS by rendering what is visible to the player.

  • Clouds

Turning off the clouds to offer a very minor increase in performance.

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