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Do you want to use the Mineplex server for Minecraft? Mineplex is a multiplayer gaming server of Minecraft and it can run on version 1.8 of higher. This server is one of the best Minecraft servers that you are able to use. Besides, this server is the largest Minecraft server in existence. If you want to join this server, you need to know the IP address of this server.

There are some IP addresses of Mineplex for different regions. Here is the list of the server IP addresses of Mineplex for each region.

For some time, you could find au.mineplex.com for Australia. Unfortunately, the leadership Team decided to close this server IP address later. Why? The reason is because the community split up more than they expected. And in August 2019, eu.mineplex.com was shut down for the same reasons. Players are still able to connect to the EU-based IP which will redirect them to the US servers.

Now, how to join Mineplex server? You are able to follow the steps below to join Mineplex server.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to launch Minecraft from the Mojang Launcher.
  • Second, choose Multiplayer from the main menu.
  • Then, click on Add Server and it can be found at the bottom right side of the window.
  • In the Server Name, you must type “Mineplex”.
  • In the Server Address, enter the server address and you can choose the closest to where you live.
  • At this stage, you have to press Done and click on Mineplex Games in your server list. And then, click on Join Server at the bottom.

Same as other Minecraft servers, there is a lobby in Mineplex that can be used to organize all the minigames and also special events. In the lobby, there is a main sky island with some smaller ones surrounding the main one. Then, in the main plaza, there are some villager NPCs which provide tutorials and information about official Mineplex content.

In the lobby of Mineplex, you are able to leap forward an unlimited number of times and you can do that by tapping the spacebar twice in rapid succession. It will be able to help them to get someplace faster.

In the Mineplex server, there is a currency. The currency is gem and players can use it for transactions such as kit purchases. If you play any minigame on Mineplex, it will give you at least 10 gems. You can also earn gems by completing achievements or Parkour.

In the past, you could  use gems for cosmetic items. But now, if you want to get cosmetic items, you can use Treasure Shards instead of gems.  You can get Shards through a lot of ways same as when you get gems.

Well, you are able to use the Mineplex server now to play Minecraft. If you find some problems, you are able to ask about it in a forum.

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