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Minecraft has an Education Edition. It is an educational version of Minecraft which is specifically designed for classroom use. This edition has features which can make Minecraft easy to use in a classroom setting. This Minecraft Education Edition is being developed by Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios and on November 1st, 2016, the full game was released.

You are able to make an item in the Minecraft Education Edition by using the Lab Table. You can activate it by right clicking on it like a regular crafting table. Then, you are able to make products by adding the suitable type and number of elements and/ or compounds to the grid. If you are ready to conduct the experiment, you are able to click on the Combine button. Then, if you have finished creating a viable product, you will see that the images at the top will animate. It indicates that you have produced a liquid, gas or solid.

If you use a crafting table to make an item in Minecraft, you may know that you have to put the materials in the correct pattern. But, in Minecraft Education Edition, the location of the materials on the grid does not affect the result. If the process of creating the product is completed, then you will see the product appear after you click on the Combine. If the materials that you have combined did not create a viable product, the process will be in a garbage item. So, make sure that you use the correct recipes.

Talking about the correct recipes, here we have some recipes that you are able to use to create products or items by using the Lab Table in Minecraft Education Edition. Here are some recipes of the products or items that you want to make in Minecraft.

  • Name: Bleach

Recipe: Water x3 + Sodium Hypochlorite x3

Usage: If you use it at the crafting table, it will turn colored wool, carpets, beds, and banners white.

  • Name: Heat Block

Recipe: Iron + Water + Charcoal + Salt

Usage: It can be used to melt snow and ice just like a torch.

  • Name: Ice Bomb

Recipe: Sodium Acetate x4

Usage: It can transform water blocks to ice blocks.

  • Name: Super Fertilizer

Recipe: Ammonia + Phosphorus

Usage: You are able to use it to grow plants to maturity in a single use.

There are some items or products which require a combination of chemical compounds and Minecraft blocks. These kinds of products are created by using a traditional Minecraft crafting table such as Glow Stick, Hardened Glass Panes and Blocks, Balloon, Underwater Torches and some more items.

There are also some items/ products that you can create by using the Brewing Stand such as:

  • Awkward Potion which can be used as a base for brewing potions in Minecraft;
  • Antidote which can be used to cure poison;
  • Elixir which can be used to cure weakness;
  • Eye Drops which can be used to cure blindness;
  • Tonic which can be used to cure nausea.

If you want to know more about the recipes of Minecraft Education Edition, you are able to access education.minecraft.net and find Chemistry Lab Journal there to find the recipes.

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