Manageable Map Editor Improvements on Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18th, 2021. From the features that players can see and enjoy in the previous game, of course they expect much in this new game. One of them is manageable map editor improvements. Also, there are some other things that players want to see in the Far Cry 6.

One of Far Cry players in Ubisoft Forums states that he writes up the Far Cry Map Editor wishlist with one specific theme, simplicity. It mentions features or improvements of the editor which will be simple or manageable to implement. Some of these concepts may not be easy to develop.

However, he thinks that it falls under the category simple relative to the wishlist of others. He wants to take the time to thank Ubisoft and the developers for giving us an amazing creative tool or outlet. He knows that the map editor is not too popular in the gaming community. Therefore, the lack of resources to support it post launch but Ubisoft has to look at gamemode and map browser section for improvements that he thinks that it will really shoot the Arcade Editor into the stratosphere.

You may know that previous Far Cry map browsers have been littered with effortlessly created, boring maps. So, if it has a timer that can count the amount of hours one spends in the editor on that specific map will help bring those quality maps to the forefront of the browsers. Currently, this editor timer data point could easily be exploited by going AFK. But, in conjunction with the rating system, it will help bury the low quality maps that so easily burden the browser. So, it can be added more data points such as a counter for objects placed and objects deleted. He also wants that Ubisoft can permit players to be able to write a description for their maps. It will permit them to explain specific things about the map and also set the scene for it.

Furthermore, he also states that there are a lot of game modes which were added in Far Cry 5. It permits us to be able to make unique experiences. However, it limits the potential of our creativity. These game modes probably will be great for players who want gameplay structure to their map or struggle to develop a map which effectively states the objective. The ability to be able to create a miscellaneous map also permits map makers to really broaden our creativity. We are probably able to publish artistically visual maps, open world ‘choose your path’ maps, or maps with endless AIs on a respawn timer would have immense replayability.

So, what else do you want to see in the Far Cry 6? You have to wait for this game to be released next year with the hope that this game can give you more amazing things including the improvement in the map editor.

If you access the Ubisoft Forums site, you are able to see that the post about Far Cry 6 manageable map editor improvements is very long. You are able to read more about this post by accessing the Ubisoft Forums.

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