Make Your PUBG’s Hero be a stronger using Calamity Reaper Item

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Various items are present in PUBG with a diverse unique passive. Several add attack either physical or magical, defense and others. One of the unique passive that we are going to talk about is extra damage. The item will be able to give extra damage in lots of ways depending on the function of the item. The one is Calamity Reaper Item.


For some mage heroes that utilize their basic attacks such as Harley or Karina, Calamity Reaper is a must buy item because it adds extra damage. The Calamity Reaper item gives 120% extra damage to your basic attack from your magic damage every time your hero uses skill. It has a 1.5-second cool down. Of course, you are able to make your PUBG’s hero be stronger using this Calamity Reaper Item. For your information, Calamity Reaper item is used by the following heroes: Selena, Karina, Harith and Change.


This item will give you +70 Magic Power. This value is of course quite high for an item which costs 1950 gold. Also, this item will give you +100 mana. Apart from adding mana, this item also gives +30 mana regen . Of course this is very useful. You are able to continue to spam your skills without having to frequently go back and forth to the base. Finally, this item also gives you an additional + 10% Cooldown Reduction. The addition of this status is also the selling point of this Calamity Reaper item.


Your basic attack is going to deal “True Damage” after casting the skill. The true damage generated from this item is 120% of the total magic power you have. Thus, the higher your magic power, the greater the true damage you are going to generate. Passive of this item is 1.5 seconds.


The second passive of this item is not often realized by the players. This second passive provides an additional + 10% Movement speed. Therefore, after you issue a basic attack, your movement speed is going to increase too. The addition of movement speed is of course really useful for chasing enemies or escaping. Moreover, this passive will be more effective if you add more hero skills such as skill 1 Karina and skill 3 Selena.


You are able to purchase this Calamity Reaper item in the mid to late game, or you are able to save it in the 4th slot. For now, most players purchase this Calamity Reaper item just to maximize its passivity. Because passive will be more effective if you already have high magic power. But how about purchasing it in the early game? Yes, this Calamity Reaper item has a cheap price. Moreover, this item also has high magic power. So, you are able to purchase it in the early game. Even this item is also very helpful for you in the early game for farming. Because your basic attack is going to produce enormous damage.

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