Make the Skill Set Concept Enzo and Gamma on Mobile Legend

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Enzo is based on Kite from HxH. The skills of him are a little bit tricky since he has 9 distinct weapons provided by Gamma, who is one of Cyborg accompany drone like Beta. This one has 9 sets of weapons rolling a rollet from number 0-9 will provide a different set of weapons. 0 means no weapon but will heal for 10% of missing HP and increase movement speed for 30% decays over three seconds.

  1. Zanbato
  2. Haladie Knife
  3. Khopesh
  4. Black Mace
  5. Rock Slinger (Rock Slingshot)
  6. War Hammer
  7. Katar
  8. Throwing Star
  9. Gamma (Laser Blaster Form)

Lore: Enzo is the name of the child of Master Runi (He is a mad Scientist. When he was a child, he stole one of the drones from the eurodito knowing it was a toy. The boy took Gemma and accidentally activated alpha and beta. Currently, Enzo and Gamma are working as partners and accompany each other for the rest of their lives.

  • Name: Enzo
  • Drone Name: GammaRole: Fighter/Marksman (depending on weapon)
  • Range Long Range: Melee (depending on his weapon)
  • Passive: [Weapon Switch] – Every time Enzo switches weapons, Gamma is immune to any damage (while spinning) while Enzo is still able to attack and move. Gamma will regenerate 20% of the max HP.

No weapon Enzo is fighting using his fist and his Lifesteal is increased by 10%. Gamma always stays at the back of Enzo and is able to be attacked. He inherited 90% of the HP and defense stats of Enzo. Each attack at the back of Enzo will be directed to Gamma.

Skill 1 [Drone dash] (no mana, cd 8 – 4s) – This one is only able to be used when Enzo and Gamma is not fused together. Gamma will use its booster and immediately push Enzo in the direction. Both Enzo and Gamma are immune to any damage dusing dash but can still be affected by cc.

Skill 2 [Mystic Bond] (no mana, 12 – 8s cd) – This one is only able to be used when Enzo and Gamma are not fused together. Gamma will be attached to Enzo for three seconds and heals Enzo’s HP over time for 20% of Enzo’s max HP scales with lvl. Gamma is not able to be targeted during fuse. Gamma will restore full HP after that. When Gamma died, use this skill to fix him for three seconds.

Ult [weapon rollet] (no mana, no cd). This one is only able to be used when Gamma is not broken. When it is used, Gamma will temporary stops at his current position leaving Enzo while rolling his rollet and summons a weapon based on the number he got. Every weapon lasts for 18s – 25s scales at this skills lvl, when Gamma rolls 0 this skill is able to be recast after 5s. Gamma is not able to be targeted during roll. Gamma will return to Enzo after rolling.

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