Mahjongg Toy Chest Scoring Tips

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For you who are looking for the tips in scoring the Mahjongg Toy Chest, of course, you are on the right page now. For this chance, explaining Mahjongg Toy Chest scoring tips is really a must. Indeed, we hope that you will be easy to get scoring in Mahjongg Toy Chest. So, if you really need the information about it, please keep staying on this page!

During playing the game of Mahjongg, you probably do not know how to score the points. But, it is really normal for you as not every veteran Mahjongg player also know for this. Even if you just started playing Mahjongg, we surely guess that you really do not understand in scoring this. Certainly, understanding a real scoring of Mahjongg is really needed for you.

Of course, before you go on playing this Mahjongg Toy Chest, it could be better for you to learn about the game first. As we have known that Mahjongg is a kind of game that allows you to match a same picture in a row. This seems so easy to play, but for real, this game also need the good strategy and great thought. If you are careless for this, automatically you will be failed at all. So, the main thing in playing this game is to learn and look carefully at the Mahjongg game board.

If you are looking for the scoring tips in Mahjongg, of course, you will it on out article. Certainly, we get this important light from some sources that we are searching on some sites and forums. Then, there are different tips in scoring the Mahjongg Toy Chest from some sources. But, generally, most of them have a same system in scoring. Well, we are going to share the scoring tips of Mahjongg Toy Chest in general. Here are they:

  • Tile Values: The range from 1 to 7 depends on the level and the icon as well.
  • Match Score: (Tile Value * Amount Tiles) * (100/100)
  • Time Bonus: The number of remaining seconds * 10 points
  • Win Bonus: 1000 Points
  • Awards

Then, we have found so far:

  • 2 matches in 4 seconds get 100 points
  • 3 matches in 6 seconds get 200 points
  • 4 matches in 8 seconds get 300 points
  • 5 matches in 10 seconds get 400 points
  • 6 matches in 12 seconds get 1000 points

Those points seem like to do at the beginning of the game.

  • 4 consecutive tiles from the same tower get 1000 points. In this case, you must click on the same tower for the first of each of the pairs or it will not count.
  • 4 of the same tile of a row get 250 points
  • All teddy bears in a row get 500 points
  • 8 of the same suit in a row get 750 points
  • All the penguin in a row get 1000 points
  • All the bears in a row get 500 points
  • All the books in a row get 500 points

The total score is Time Bonus + Win Bonus + All Matches Score + Awards

Now, you already know how to score in Mahjongg Toy Chest, so, don’t be doubt to get started playing this fun game.

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