Knowing What Each Weapon That Can Be Useful on Valorant

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In the game named Valorant, the weapon is such an important thing that should be. In Valorant, the players should have the best weapon to damage. So, it does not wonder if the Valorant players will choose the best of the best weapon. Of course, knowing about each weapon in Valorant is really a must for you.

Recently, Valorant has been getting more and more popular as a well-known CS: GO game. The main popularity of Valorant is in the existence of a variety of the weapons which can be used by players to do any damage.

As we know that there are many weapons in Valorant that you can use. But, you have to choose the useful weapons to shoot the enemies in Valorant. Unfortunately, not all players really understand which weapons are really useful in Valorant.

But, you do not have to worry because we are here to inform you of some weapons which can be useful in Valorant. So, here is the list of useful Valorant weapons:

Best-Useful Valorant Weapons










Tactical Knife

This is a base Valorant weapon which is mostly used by players. This weapon is provided to every agent that cannot be dropped. This is a melee weapon with two modes of fire. The Tactical Knife works to damage against a player’s back.

Strongest – Operator

This Operator Rifle is a force to be reckoned with being a one-hit kill. This weapon has two scope settings 2.5x and 5x to hold any open areas and tight angles. However, the Operator is the most expensive weapon that you can get in Valorant.

Weakest – Shorty

Indeed, this is the cheapest gun in Valorant. You just spend 200 credits, of course you already have this weapon. Even though it is the cheapest weapon, the Weakest – Shorty is not in doubt for its use.

Strongest – Phantom

This weapon is the preferred assault rifle for many Valorant players. Even though the weapon deals a little less damage than Vandal but it has a higher rate of fire and low spread and recoil.

Weakest – Frenzy

Frenzy has the same stats with Classic while offering almost none of benefits. You surely can have this weapon by spending about 400 credits. The Frenzy weapon is most effective at close range and good at spray.

Strongest – Vandal

If you are playing Valorant for a longer time, you may already recognize this weapon. Yeah… Vandal is the most popular weapon in Valorant which is priced at 2,900 credits. Of course, this is an extremely powerful weapon at long and medium-range. So, if you really desire to buy this weapon, of course you are not totally wrong for it.

Weakest – Classic

This weapon is the default sidearm which will be useful for players. It also has an alternate fire which will shoot 3 bullets in a spread, planned to be used in short-range combat.

Strongest – Spectra

This weapon is a miniature version of the Phantom. It is one of the two SMGs available which is favored by many players. Just spending about 1,600 credits, you absolutely will get an easy-to-control recoil pattern weapon. So, you are so lucky here!

Those are some useful weapons that you can find in Valorant. Make sure to choose the best one or more to deal any damages.

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