Intercept The Enemies as Not to Escape on Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire or just Free Fire is the name of a typical game of the Battle Royale genre, so there is literally no way to avoid combat with the other players. Due to the randomness of acquired equipment and differences in skills, not every player may have equal chances on the battleground. For this reason, it is worth trying to surprise the enemy and try to intercept them so as not to escape from the game.

1. Always observe the local area

Running between two buildings can be hard, as it gives you the opportunity to get your favorite weapons or high level armor and helmet that make the gameplay much easier. However, any such thing can increase the chance that the other player who is currently hiding somewhere in the vicinity may suddenly jump out and open fire.

Before you get to the new building some dozen yards or meters away, it is better for you to take a few seconds to quickly explore the area. Please pay attention to the movement of nearby players and whether anyone has just run into the building next door.

2. Monitor the sounds in the area

Sounds and noises, and the right use in Free Fire is as important as shooting skills or the power of obtaining useful equipment. Noises will let you to locate the nearby players more easily and prepare for a battle with them. While traveling through the map it is good to move in a crouched position and listen to the movement and actions of the other players. You can use the headphones while playing, even the cheapest and simplest ones will allow you to determine which direction the sound is coming from, and that is almost impossible when you are using the standard smartphone or tablet speakers. Please take a note that the other players will also try to locate you by hearing any noises, so try to move silently and shoot only when it is important.

3. Use viewpoints

Free Fire is the game full of various hills, observation towers, or high buildings. Climbing to the top of the mountain could be a perfect way to get the perfect view of the surrounding area. There, you will surely be able to see at least a few other players. However, do not forget that being on a hill is exposing you to the enemy attacks, as your character will be perfectly visible to all enemies.

4. Retreat if needed

If the battle with another player is not working, maybe because they are better at aiming or have equipment. In this case, it is worth retreating and waiting for your enemy. There is a chance that a player, tempted by the prospect of getting an easy frag, will chase you and bump in right at the sight of the weapon. Reduction of the distance to your opponent could be useful and work wonders as it will allow you to shoot at your enemy in a more effective way.

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