Initiator Agent Make an Easier for The Valorant Team to Attack The Enemies

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In Valorant, there are agents. They are the playable characters which represent an agent of the Valorant protocol. Each agent serves as a different class with four abilities and has a unique contract. Now, how about initiator agent? Is it true that this agent can make it easier for the team to attack enemies?

According to Valorant Wiki, now there are 12 agents in Valorant games and those are listed below.

  • Jett. She is a Duelist and comes from South Korea.
  • Raze. She is a Duelist and comes from Brazil.
  • Breach. He is an Initiator and comes from Sweden.
  • Omen. He is a Controller and comes from unknown.
  • Brimstone. He is a Controller and comes from the United States.
  • Phoenix. He is a Duelist and comes from the United Kingdom.
  • Sage. She is a Sentinel and comes from China.
  • Sova. He is an Initiator and comes from Russia.
  • Viper. She is a Controller and comes from the United States.
  • Cypher. He is a Sentinel and comes from Morocco.
  • Reyna. She is a Duelist and comes from Mexico.
  • Killjoy. She is a Sentinel and comes from Germany.

As you are able to see in the list above, there are two Initiator agents in Valorant . Those are Breach and Sova. Initiator agents have a task to initiate an attack which will be done by the team. This agent will plan out and execute offensive pushes. They help their team in a lot of ways and are breaking through the defensive positions of the enemy team.

Before the team get into the battle area, Initiator agent must check the surroundings. After knowing the situations, Initiator agent can set the pattern of attack that the team will launch. An initiator also has to support the team when they are battling. Even some skills which are owned by the Initiator agents can be used to distract the moves of the opponent.

Breach is one of the most beneficial agents in Valorant. He is focused on opening chances in an aggressive manner for his teammates. He also can force enemies out of their positions and take control of an area with his abilities. Also, his abilities also can be useful to clear corners, tight angles and zone control. The Flashpoint of him can blind enemies and it will be useful when rushing a site.

Another Initiator agent, Sova, is also one of the best agents in Valorant when it comes to revealing the position of the enemy team. He is able to collect intel and strategize. His abilities are useful in attack and defense. His Shock Bolt can deal some damage to the enemies while at the same time it can be useful when pushing into an area. He also has Recon Bolt which is the same as the Shock Bolt. But, it can mark any enemies in its line of sight. This ability can be shot over different distances and bounce off walls.

So, with the help of an Initiator agent and also the abilities that they have, having an initiator agent in your team will make it easier to attack the enemies in Valorant.

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