Immortal Treasure 3 Release Date on Dota 2

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The Dota 2 Battle Pass is almost coming to the end, and it has clearly done its job. The prize pool of the International 10 made esports history thanks to Battle Pass purchases recently. However, people are still waiting for the release of the Immortal Treasure 3 along with Windranger Arcana.

For those who are curious when the Immortal Treasure 3 and Windranger Arcana will release, Valve developer Cameron_dev has answered the question on Reddit. It seems like the Windranger Arena will release first, and then will be followed by the Immortal Treasure 3. Please take a note that the Dota 2 Battle Pass is scheduled to the end on September 19th, 2020, and Valve still has to give players enough time to turn the unwanted treasures into more levels, for instance.

Actually, Valve already extended the Battle Pass once, so it is not completely new if they could do it again. However, there are still three weeks remaining from the time of the post. It would be interesting to see the appearance of Windranger Arcana, as it was the winner of the Arcana vote held last year. As far as the Immortal Treasure 3 is concerned, you can expect escalating odds, rare treasures and more.

With the timing of Immortal Treasure 3 release is near to the end of the Dota 2 Battle Pass, it seems like we will see the bonus Battle Pass levels. Unfortunately, there probably will not be a Trove Treasure for The International 10. Please take a note that Valve is not ready to share the new date for The International 10 or even the DPC to resume, so this news was expected.

Cameron said that Covid-19 has had a sizable impact on the capacity of the Dota team to work on content. It means there is not likely going to be a Trove treasure this year even though all of the unused item slots have already been added to the game for Trove Carafe 2020.

Despite that information, the developer shared that the team is hopeful that the Windranger Arcana and Immortal Treasure 3 will be released within the next couple weeks. The thing called the Windranger Arcana will be released first, while the Immortal Treasure 3 will come shortly after.

Apparently, the poll in the community is still going, with Immortal Treasure 3 leading the pool with 345 votes while Windranger gets 339 votes. Trove Carafe 2020 comes third with 64 votes, but people are still asking if Valve would consider extending the Battle Pass to allow time for this year’s Trove to happen.

Outside the response of Cameron, Valve has not made an official statement on how the Battle Pass content development has been affected by the recent event, but at least everyone is able to prepare for the Windranger Arcana and Immortal Treasure 3 drop in the coming weeks.

If you want to get the latest information about the Immortal Treasure 3 release date, please follow the official social media account of Cameron as well as everything related to Dota 2.

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