How to Win All Levels at Aghanim’s Laybrinth on Dota 2

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Now, you may be playing Aghanim’s Labyrinth and you may think that it is difficult to complete this mission. Well, Aghanim’s Labyrinth is one of the best Summer events in Dota 2. Nevertheless, there are a lot of players who find difficulties in completing the mission so that they need some tips and tricks to be able to win all levels at this mission.

First, what is Aghanim’s Labyrinth? This is a gauntlet style event game mode which is available during the summer of 2020. Teams of four need to battle their way through a series of monster-filled rooms to be able to reach Aghanim, the level’s boss.

So, how to be able to win all levels in this event? You have to choose the best hero. Heroes that you are able to use in this event are Omniknight, Winter Wyvern and Disruptor. At least, there must be 3 heroes to strengthen your team. It is because the battle mode, defense, and skill effects of these heroes will be able to solidify your teamwork. Each of these hero’s abilities will cover up the weaknesses of your teammates and you are able to work together smoothly.

Omniknight is often used by players in Dota 2. He has 3 skills which can be used to save your team such as healing (AoE), buffing teammates, and full armor (AOE). But, it is important for you to know that ultimate has been reset in each round which has been completed. So, there is no reason for you not to use Guardian Angel at least once per round.

Winter Wyvern here will not be like Omniknight who must save the team in the battle area with Cold Embrace, but with Arctic Burn. With this ability, he will be able to attack while flying. He also will use Arctic Splash and Winter Curse. Arctic Splash has a damage range which is wide and also will give slow effect. Winter Curse can be used to fight the boss. In this event, Winter Wyvern is focused on battle because he can give a damage which is quite big.

Disruptor can produce a large magic damage and it can be useful as a crowd control in battle. In this mode, Static Field is a big advantage which aims to manipulate the course of the game. Also, magic which is produced will give the big damage in a wide range. If you want to win this game, Disruptor is one of the best options to use. You have to be able to maximize the duration and cool down from Kinetic Field. It is because the strength of the Disruptor depends on this skill. You also have to pay attention to the Field of Dreams for ultimate Static Storm which will increase the chance from 30% to 150% critical strike.

As we know that this mode is difficult to be conquered. So, one more hero will be able to help you to win. You can choose among Sniper, Weaver and Mars. Sniper is a sniper. He has a far distance and gives a big damage with a combination of Desolator and Solar Crest items. Weaver uses Time Lapse to return HP and Mana to your teammates. And Mars has a strong body resistance due to his unique passive skills. Also, he is assisted by the Vladmir’s Offering which will give a lifesteal aura during the battle.

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