How to Unlock 25,000 XP Earned for Free on Valorant

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Unlocking every Tier and getting all the characters in Valorant may take a long time. Especially for you who are newcomers to Valorant, we guess that you will be getting hard when you start to unlock each Tier and get any bonuses within. However, unlocking Tier is a must-do in Valorant.

Why should we unlock each Tier in Valorant? Of course, if you successfully unlock each Tier in Valorant, you will have a chance to get more XP which is useful to use in the game. One of the goals to play Valorant is to unlock XP. After you unlock the tier and get XP, you totally are able to unlock the Valorant agents.

In fact, each agent has 10 different unlockable tiers which you work towards over time. Then, you can unlock the agents by using XP or Experience Points that you can get within the game. So, to be able to unlock each Tier and get points is such everyone’s goal in Valorant.

Because unlocking the tier and getting XP is really hard to do in Valorant, of course many Valorant players ambitiously find any instant way to get XP for free. Then, is there any fast way that you can do to unlock XP?

Basically, most Valorant players will try unlocking Tier 1 to get 25,000 XP. However, Tier 1 is a basic level in Valorant. So, it does not wonder if a lot of Valorant players start to unlock 25,000 XP in Tier 1.

XP or Experience Points are the most common stats that you will find in lots of games. In this case, XP will help you to level up to unlock new items like Agents, Skins, Weapons and many more. Well, the higher item to unlock in Valorant is XP. So, getting more XP in a faster way is really needed by all Valorant players.

How to Unlock 25,000 XP for free in Valorant

If you look for the instant way to unlock 25,000 XP in Valorant for free, of course you won’t get it. However, the XP just can be obtained if you unlock the Tier 1 first. After you unlock the Tier 1, you absolutely can get 25,000 XP, without unlocking Tier 1, we guarantee that you can’t get 25,000 XP in Valorant.

It means that you will find any instant ways to get XP for free in Valorant. Indeed, that’s a bad and unfair way that you don’t take in playing Valorant.

Basically, there is best of the best way that you can take to unlock 25,000 XP. Here it is:

Take Daily and Weekly Mission

To get more points in Valorant, you surely can take daily or weekly challenges. This is the main way of earning experience points in Valorant. After you play matches, you will have a chance to get XP as follow:

  • 100 XP for each round – 2,100 XP for the rounds played;
  • 200 XP for each round – 2,600 XP for round wins;
  • 10,250 XP for completing one daily and one weekly mission.

Then, if you need more guides, you can also watch some YouTube videos as follow:

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