How To Train Your Aim on The Valorant’s shooting Range for The Highest Score

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In Valorant, the players are able to use multiple weapons to eliminate enemies and win the rounds. You are able to use a variety of pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, sub-machine guns (SMGs), heavy machine guns and shotguns. This article shares the information about shooting mechanics and how to train your aim on the Valorant’s shooting Range.

Aiming plays an extremely important role in Valorant. Without proper accuracy, you will not be able to get good results and that can lead to problems for the whole team. If every second shot you take hits a wall or flies into space, you will not have much of a chance in tactical shooters like Valorant.

The headshots are extremely effective. Most of the weapons available in Valorant are able to eliminate a target with just one bullet. Of course, if you hit the head. For this reason, it is worth making a habit of holding the aim precisely at the height of the opponent’s head, so that the first shot will give you the biggest chance of eliminating the target. If the opponent survives, you can easily hit them with another shot without having to change the cursor’s position.

You are able to train your aim at the shooting range, one of the maps available in Valorant. Use any weapons and switch them at any time. When you are on the shooting range map, you do not need to worry about the ammo. It is unlimited and the weapons do not require reloading. Also, you are able to place some bots in the small square and use them as training targets (with or without armor). You are able to practice recoil correction on one of the walls. When firing, please try to have the bullets holes as close to each other as possible.


In Valorant, you are able to go to the shooting range at any time to test your skills. You have some tests to select from but we recommend the one in which you have to eliminate as many bots as possible within a certain time limit.

During the trial, you have 30 seconds to eliminate as many targets as possible, the maximum you can score is 30 points. Bots come and go, so you have to be vigilant and extremely accurate. It is best to aim at the head because it takes the least time and helps you to eliminate the target quickly. After the target has been eliminated, you are able to return to the starting position and keep the crosshair in the middle of the training room, at the height of the opponent’s head. When you spot a bot, you have to try to aim at its head with one smooth move and shoot. This is a simple exercise that will give you the correct reflex to immediately respond to a target appearing in sight and teach you the habit of aiming at heads.

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