How to take control Flying Skill in Auto Mode of Grand Theft Auto V

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n Grand Theft Auto V, skills work as the unique stats of every playable character. Just as in GTA San Andreas, they are able to be adjusted, however less variable and specific. There are 8 categories of these skills, one of them is flying.

The skill of the player in the cockpit of various aircraft. You can take off, land, and manage turbulence more easily. You are able to increase this skill by flying for sustained periods and succeeding at flight school challenges. The player gets a 3% to 5% increase of the Flying skill for each gold medal they get in flight school. For those who do not want to participate in this activity, for each 10 minutes spent flying, the flying skill will raise by 1%. For your information, flying under a bridge will increase the flying skill by 1%.

Aside from flying, there are also special abilities, stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, driving, and lung capacity. In addition, there are some online skills. The character of the player is able to build their seven main skills through the same ways. The online stats are measured via the Lifestyle of the customizable character. They are determined indirectly through choosing the allocation of hours of the character spent on daily activities. The allocations have a direct stat analogy relationship as explained below.

Lifestyle Increases Decreases Max Hours
Asleep Stamina, Strength, Stealth, Lung Capacity 12
With Friends & Family Stamina, Strength Shooting 4
Playing Sports & Working Out Stamina, Strength, Lung Capacity Shooting, Driving 8
Doing Legal Work Stamina, Stealth, Flying Driving 10
Sitting on the Couch Flying, Driving Stamina, Strength, Lung Capacity 8
Partying Shooting, Stealth Stamina, Strength, Flying, Lung Capacity 8
Doing Illegal Work Driving, Shooting Lung Capacity 10

In the original release on PS3 and Xbox 360, a starting character has 24 hours to distribute among 12 activities. A minimum of four hours have to be spent on sleep.

Those selections determine the stats of the character, as well as affecting their physique. Apparently, lowering some times and raising others will adjust stats accordingly. For example, doing a lot of legal work will increase flying skills. Please take a note that hourly selections also affect starting clothing.

5 of 7 skill levels have their own unique designation depending on what percentage each one is at as listed below:


  • 0-19%: Lethargic
  •  20-39%: Out of Shape
  • 40-59%: Healthy
  • 60-79%: Athlete
  • 80-100%: Tri-Athlete


  •  0-19%: Untrained
  • 20-39%: Spray-and-Pray
  •  40-59%: Police Training
  •  60-79%: Military Training
  • 80-100%: Dead-Eye

Strength (Named in the Enhanced version only)

  • 0-19%: Fragile
  • 20-39%: Weak
  • 40-59%: Average
  • 60-79%: Tough
  •  80-100%: Bodybuilder


  • 0-19%: Clumsy
  • 20-39%: Loud
  • 40-59%: Sneaky
  •  60-79%: Hunter
  • 80-100%: Ninja


  • 0-19%: Dangerous
  • 20-39%: RC Pilot
  • 40-59%: Commercial Pilot
  • 60-79%: Fighter Pilot
  • 80-100%: Ace


  • 0-19%: Unlicensed
  • 20-39%: Sunday Driver
  • 40-59%: Commuter
  • 60-79%: Street Racer
  • 80-100%: Pro-Racer

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