How to Solve Ruin Gameplay Problems on Mobile Legend Update 1.5.10 Release

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A user on the Mobile Legends forum called lightyear thinks that update 1.5.10 will ruin the original gameplay. Everyone knows that Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an easy MOBA compared to the others. If they implament those new role play he thinks for solo Q player like him will be more problem because Moonton will pair with dumb players that has no idea what is going on in that update.

Aside from that, they will not notice that jungling cannot buy without retri anymore after this. So, all MM will be dead meat in the end they still pick and do not know what is going on. About laning, it will be the biggest problem in the update. Moonton will breed more stupid toxic in that update.

For lightyear, he personally does not have a problem with tuning in a new role play gameplay style. The issue will come for solo Q players. He hopes Moonton will consider canceling this role play thing. They cannot expect that all their players will notice this change so he thinks it is better for them to cancel this and play like normal.

Someone called CloudDevelic begs to differ. He thinks it has nothing to do with advanced or not advanced players. In addition, for the reason of keeping the game easier for beginners according to the reason of lightyear, it is not fair for the 90% of the players who suffered greatly from this twisted system of MMs abusing farming benefit by utilizing jungle and lane gold.

lightyear thinks that CloudDevelic is trying to defend Moonton in this update. He says that CloudDevelic cannot see problems after that update. 70% of the players are children and he thinks there will be more problems for solo Q pairs with them with IQ 0/10.

Another one called Dreamseeker says that that is the way ligthyear sees things. He agrees that this changes are similar, but the problem with the community is that they take things not so seriously such as intentional away from computer if they do not pick the hero they liked, feeding the enemies if they feel that their teammates do not play well, low skills players at epic, trash talkers, hero beta testers on rank, unaware of basic role objectives, unaware of the game mechanics, cheaters, and so on. The solution to fix this is to create the easy content and guides so that they are able to pick up the basic knowledge. If you do not learn the basics of the game you would never get to Mythic so it is the same rule for this new phase of Mobile Legends.

If you want to know the whole discussion and thread about ruining the gameplay problems in Mobile Legends started by lightyear, it is better for you to visit the forum of Mobile Legends. The forum is open and available to be accessed for free, unless you want to join the discussion that requires you to sign in.

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