How to Shoot in Crosshair Conditions on Free Fire

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Free Fire best sensitivity settings for headshot can help you to play this game like a pro player and get Booyah in each match. This one allows players to adjust and set up their controls to play games in their preferences.

Free Fire is such an exciting shooting game on mobile devices. In this game, you have to shoot down the enemies as fast as possible. The headshot must be the fastest way to clear enemies in games like Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. A lot of players do not know the best sensitivity settings and the other settings to headshot in Free Fire.

Here is the Free Fire sensitivity settings for headshot in mobile:

  • General camera sensitivity: 50
  • Red dot sensitivity: 100
  • 2x scope sensitivity: 16
  • 4x scope sensitivity: 18
  • AWM scope sensitivity: 20

Those are the best camera sensitivity settings for aiming and headshot in the game called Free Fire. You had better put the general camera sensitivity at 50 if you want to spot the enemies quickly. However, it also makes sure that the sight does not fluctuate much. In order to headshot in Free Fire, you need to place the crosshair at the body of the enemies and move it upwards and shoot at their heads.

If you want to improve your aiming skill and headshot better in Free Fire, you are able to practice in the training mode. Or else, you are able to improve headshot in close combat in Clash Squad mode. The thing helps you to improve your headshot skill. Then, you are able to clear enemies faster and get more Booyah matches.

Apart from the Free Fire best sensitivity settings for headshot, you also have some tips to headshot in Free Fire. Here are some tips and tricks to headshot in this amazing battle royale game:

1. Practice headshot in training mode

To improve your headshot skill, the best tip is better your aiming and crosshair placement. You are able to go to the training room to practice the aiming skill. This one is a good place for those to adjust crosshair and better their aiming before entering a ranked match.

2. Weapon and attachment choice

Choose a good weapon and suitable attachments to headshot. It is better to select one with low or no gun recoil to aim and headshot accurately.

3. Weapon combo

While practicing in the training room, you are able to find the best sensitivity settings for headshot. Then, play to get used to the settings and camera sensitivity and master these all. Next, you are able to enter a ranked match and play the game with pro players.

4. Strategy

Remember that no matter whether you are able to kill the enemy in 2-3 sniper rifle bullets or not, you have to move. When shooting enemies with distance, you have to be as accurate as possible. in case you cannot headshot and kill him 2 shots, let him survive, find a cover, and shoot back.

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