How to Run from Siren Head on Minecraft

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If you come to this page to find out the information about Siren Head and how to run from Siren Head on Minecraft, you are able to read this article until the end. Here we are going to talk about that. Make sure that you do not miss any information.


Siren Head are presented similarly to each other. Featuring Siren Head as a tall, thin, dehydrated, desiccated, with mummified skin and dual sirens on its head. Aside from that, Siren Head’s sirens have the ability of releasing various sounds out of them, such as conversations, white noises, and extremely loud sounds that can affect ears.


Siren Head is a very aggressive, monstrous and skilled predator that makes him very dangerous. Siren Head seems to have several degrees of intelligence because using the tactics such as camouflaging within the forests and mimicking sounds like the voices to hide.


  • Mimicry: Siren Head has the ability to release sounds of the news broadcasts, human conversations, screams and sirens.
  • Strength: It is believed that Siren Head is so powerful due to his size. Siren Head can break down the trees or various heavy objects.
  • Speed: Siren Head will be able to be agile incredibly.
  • Stealth: Siren Head can stay motionless for days at a time to blend in with his surroundings.
  • Transformation: Siren Head appears to be a shapeshifter. He can transform his head into actual sirens and street lamp-lights.


You have to know that Siren Head has some weakness:

  • Bronze dagger and victim’s blood: The only way to kill a siren is to stab it with a bronze dagger dipped into the blood of someone it has infected. Usually, the death of a siren removes its victims from its spell.
  • Mirrors: A siren’s true face will be able to see in a mirror.

After you know some weaknesses of Siren Head, we are sure that you are able to run away from Siren head on Minecraft.


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