How To Refund Game Purchases on Steam if You Feel Not suitable

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Sometimes you purchase a new game and it is not what you expected. Maybe the game is not compatible with your hardware or the gameplay does not click with you. Whatever the case, if you are feeling buyer’s remorse over a digital copy of a PC game you just bought, you might be eligible for a refund.

There are some online marketplaces which sell digital copies of PC games, but we are  focusing on getting refunds through Steam, since this is one of the biggest platforms. This company offers refunds on game purchases. Steam’s refund policy is straightforward. You are able to get a full refund on any Steam game within 14 days of purchase provided it has been played for two hours or less, while pre-orders can be cancelled for a full refund. Even, this applies to games sent as gifts to others, though the refund must be requested by the gift recipient.

Steam is extremely strict about these rules. So, do not expect to get your money back on those unplayed games you purchased in a bundle last year. The company will be able to offer refunds for the games that you purchased more than 14 days ago and/or played for more than two hours in some rare instance such as when a major game-breaking bug or other serious concern is uncovered and results in a game being pulled from the Steam store. Contact Steam Support for more help in those cases.


  • Firstly, you have to make sure the game has less than two hours of playtime, and you have not owned it for more than 14 days, or two weeks. Steam is going to show you the time you have played the game for when you select it in your library.
  • At the top of the Steam app, you are going to see a “Help” option. Now, you are able to select it, then select “Steam Support.”
  • Steam Support is going to list your most recently purchased games. Instead, scroll down to “Purchases” and click it, and then choose the game you want to refund from the page which appears.
  • Now, you are able to select “I would like a refund.” Steam is going to offer to add the value of the game to your Steam Wallet or to refund the transaction from the payment method you already used.
  • Steam will ask you to list a reason you are requesting a refund. Please select your reason from the drop-down box.
  • Lastly, Steam will give you a reference code, and email you with the results of your refund request. In our case, the time between Steam receiving our request and issuing our refund was 60 minutes.

If you fall outside the time frame for a refund, you are able to still submit a refund request for the Steam Support staff to look over. But, it is unlikely you are going to be compensated.

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