How To Raise Your Mobile Legend’s Battle Points 11,400 per-Week

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Battle Points are the resource you will want in Mobile Legends. This mobile MOBA encourages daily play, and that is the best way to earn lots of BP (Battle Points). If you login daily, it is possible to earn 11,000 BP minimum. There are even more ways to earn extra. Here we are going to break down how to earn the maximum amount of Battle Points per week, and what you can do to grab some bonus Battle Points.

Even, you do not need to play that much a day. To earn lots of Battle Points, start by grabbing the daily login bonus. Then you are able to play about 4 matches; one A.I. match, two Classic matches, and one Brawl match for daily activity Battle Points. Winning obviously gets you the most Battle Points, but it is not required if you are just looking to collect. You are able to share your wins on Social Media for extra rewards (twice a day), and aim for the Gold Chest reward. The easiest way to get it is from A.I. matches. With a little practice, you are able to start pulling in tons of Battle Points.


There are many other ways you can get extra Battle Points. This is only the baseline for most players. You are able to complete daily quests, login daily for rewards, finish up weeklies, and collect chests. There are still more ways to get Battle Points, so let us talk about bonus BP methods.

  • The more heroes and skins you unlock, the more Battle Points you will earn daily.

For every hero or skin you have, you are able to earn +30 Battle Points per day through skin trials.

  • Friends can give each other Battle Points daily up to three times.

You are going to get +50 Battle Points for each gift, for a total of +150 Battle Points daily. Joining an Active Squid is going to get you a weekly +500 Battle Points bonus.

  • Earning Stars in matches will be able to earn you huge rewards. The more stars, the better the rewards. You are able to earn 1800 Battle Points by unlocking Stars.

Finally, there is the Lucky Spin. Lucky Spin gives you a chance to get the prizes. You are able to earn +300 Battle Points if you are lucky. If you are really lucky you are able to land on a hero or skin. If you land on a hero or skin you already own, you are going to get a huge Battle Points bonus (10,000 BP).


  • You can get a maximum of 7,500 Battle Points per week by participating in matches.
  • If you have a Double BP Card, you are able to increase the speed at which you get BP and increase the maximum limit by 1,500.
  • You can get 500 Battle Points per week for having a Credit Score of 90 and above.
  • You can get 0 to 2,000 Battle Points by opening chests and completing tasks every day.
  • You can get 0 to 2,000 Battle Points from special events and promos.
  • With maximum effort, you can collect around 15,000 Battle Points per week.

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