How to Playing as BOSS MOBS on Minecraft

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Bosses are aggressive and difficult mobs that pose a challenge to the players in Minecraft. They deal more damage, tend to have much higher health, and attack the player constantly. Killing these types of mobs are going to give the player a rare drop or change their Minecraft world in some way.

Apparently, in Minecraft there are two bosses: the “main” and final big boss of the game, the Ender Dragon, and a “side” boss: the Wither. Minecraft in Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons have additional bosses mobs. The Elder Guardians were referred to as a boss one time by Mojang staff. Usually, they follow the pattern of being quite a challenge to kill in survival.

By the way, how to play Minecraft as Boss mobs on Minecraft? To find out that information, we suggest you use Boss mobs so that you are able to know what you do to play Minecraft as Boss. We get information that there are many people who like playing Minecraft as Boss. They said that it is very interesting. You are able to find lots of experiences.

For those who are new in Minecraft, of course you will need to know some information about how to play Minecraft. After you know how to play Minecraft, your next obstacle is to survive and thrive. If you are having trouble surviving your early days in Minecraft, you do not worry as here we are also going to share how to survive in Minecraft. Now, you have to read the text below. This is a list of ways you can do to survive on Minecraft. We are sure that these will help you.

  • You need to punch trees in a new world. You will be able to collect a decent number of logs, 20-30, more than enough for your first few days.
  • You have to convert some of the logs into wooden planks. You have to know that the planks are used for lots of different crafting recipes.
  • You need to make a crafting table. In this case, you can only craft in the 2×2 crafting grid in your inventory.
  • You are able to craft a wooden pickaxe out of planks and sticks. You are going to need it to mine stone, to turn into a furnace.
  • Please mine a decent amount of coal. You will be able to use coal to burn the logs you collected to make charcoal.
  • You have to get lots of cobblestone.
  • Also, discover a tall mountain or a cave. Create your way up to it.
  • You have to discover a clearing and build a small house. Light up the inside with torches.
  • Please wait out the night. There are lots of monsters spawn at night.
  • Please exit your home carefully and check for the creepers.
  • You are able to craft a chest. In this case, you will be able to craft a chest with wood planks. You need 8 wood planks.

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