How to Know Where the Enemies Can Come From on Valorant

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Knowing where the enemies can come from on Valorant is a smart skill that you have to need in Valorant. By knowing the enemies that will come to Valorant, of course it will be easier to fight them. Unfortunately, not all Valorant players really have this skill. So, most of them missed when the enemies came.

Furthermore, when the enemies come to the game, at least you have to know the signs for it. Indeed, pro Valorant players will explore for this basic skill when they’re playing Valorant. Certainly, to be a pro-competitive player, you are recommended to explore anything within the game, especially knowing the enemies to come to Valorant.

When the enemies will come to the game, at least there will be any sounds that signify them. It means that you can often hear your enemies in the game before you see them. However, hearing the enemies sound’s in Valorant is very very important in Valorant. In this case, the tactical shooter is more than just shooting. It is definitely an important way to find where the enemies are.

Generally, there are some sounds that you can hear when enemies come from, they are:

  • Walking.
  • Weapon/ Spike Drop
  • Ultimate Orb Pick-Up
  • Planting/ Defusing Spike
  • Weapon Reload
  • Swinging Knife
  • Ultimate Ability Voice Lines
  • Running (Ground/ Rope)
  • Jumping on Level Surface
  • Dropping to Lower Plane
  • Using Spray
  • Thrown Abilities (Smoke, Grenade, etc.)
  • Brimstone – Placing Stim Beacon
  • Jett – Float (Holding Jump)
  • Jett – Updraft
  • Jett – Tailwind
  • Sage – Healing Orb
  • Sage – Resurrection
  • Cypher – Placing Any Ability
  • Cypher – Picking Up Any Ability
  • Cypher – Spycam (Active/ Deactive)
  • Omen – Shrouded Step
  • Omen – From the Shadows

Those are any sounds that you can hear when enemies come to the game. Make sure that you will recognize with all sounds above to ease your attack on your enemies.

Whenever sounds are heard, then, a small circle will appear under your character icon on the map. This circle totally informs you the radius of the sound you’re making. Then, if your enemies are within that radius, of course they also can hear you and vice versa.

Note: aiming, changing the weapons and picking the weapons up will not make any sounds, but if reloading with loud enough sound, of course your enemies will hear you immediately.

Then, if you are running in the game, it is better for you to use some tap shoes. Then, get the spotlights whereas walking and crouching. Please, don’t make any sounds with it. The ropes on the split map actually will not make a sound when you climb them slowly. Please, don’t touch the sprint button when you are in a hurry and know that there’s no enemy nearby anyway.

For the jumping rules, if you jump up to any objects high, it totally will not make a sound. But, if you jump on a level surface not on a high place, of course it will cause any sounds and your enemies will hear you soon.

So, it can be concluded that to know where the enemies come to the game is through the sounds.

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