How to Get the Physical Stuff Collector’s Edition on Far Cry 6

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You may have heard that there is Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition. As a Far Cry player and also this game fan, you surely do not want to skip this stuff. Do you want to have it? But, how to get this physical stuff in Collector’s Edition on Far Cry 6? Then, what are the stuff that we will get if we buy it?

First, let’s find out the stuff that you will get from the Collector’s Edition on Far Cry 6. In this Collector’s Edition, you will be able to get the things below.

  • There is a copy of the game.
  • There is an Ultimate Pack (Croc Hunter Pack, Vice Pack, and Jungle Expedition Pack).
  • There is a Season Pass.
  • There is a Collector’s Case.
  • There is a Unique Steelbook case.
  • There is a 64 page artbook.
  • There is a set of 10 stickers.
  • There is Game soundtrack.
  • There is Chorizo keyring.
  • There is a Map.
  • There is a Replica “Tostador” Flamethrower (72cm long).

Where can I buy the Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition? Same as other collector’s editions from Ubisoft, this Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition is also only available in the Ubisoft store. You are able to buy it on the official site of Ubisoft for $200. Since these things tend to only be available in limited quantities, so if you want to buy it, it is better for you to buy it soon. How much does it cost? You are able to buy these stuff for $199.99 from the Ubisoft Store. In the UK, it can be bought for £179.99 in the Ubisoft Store.

Besides this Edition, there is also Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition. It comes with the Season Pass of the game and also the Ultimate pack. The Season Pack will feature three pieces of DLC. In this pack, you will be able to get three bundles of extra weapons, vehicles, companions and cosmetics as well. This Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition is a Game exclusive in the UK and a GameStop exclusive in the US. You are also able to buy the PC version from the Ubisoft Store. In the UK, you can buy it in the Ubisoft Store for £99.99 and in the Game for £99.99. In the US, you are able to buy it for $119.99 in the Ubisoft Store and $129.99 in the GameStop.

How about Far Cry 6 Gold Edition? In this edition, you will get the full game and the Season Pass. Also, it will give you access to three DLC packs and more scheduled to be released after the launch of the game. You may just want to buy the Far Cry 6 Standard Edition. Well, if you want to buy this standard edition, it will get you a copy of the game. Nevertheless, some retailers offer their own pre-order bonuses. Mostly, these extend to some different cosmetics. There is not influential massively, but you may want to pick one based on your preference. If you want to buy this edition, it costs £57.99 in the Amazon UK, £49.99 in the Ubisoft Store, £57.99 in the Game, £49.85 in the ShopTo, and £46.95 in The Game Collection.

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