How to Drilling Down Into the Specific Character on Overwatch

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For those who are wondering how to drill down into the specific on Overwatch, you can drill down into the stats. For instance, if you want to know the very best at Blizzard’s phenomenal game, you can drill down into the stats. Here is the list of the very best ranked players in the world right now (at the time of writing). They are all really good.

1. Evermore

Evermore is named as the best player in the world, and tends to play a lot of Roadhog, but will switch to Mercy. Across the favorite characters of Evermore, they have an above average win ratio, but it is their hook stats as Roadhog that suggests this one is aggressive. With more than two enemies hooked each minute and more than 1,000 damage each minute, Evermore is on the front foot and taking away, absorbing the damage and giving a benefit to the team by distracting, very successfully.

2. SoOn

It is amazing that one of the highest rated players in the globe is a Windowmaker main, as sniper characters need such dedication, but while this one has dabbled with Ana a few times, the fact they have not played as a few characters more than once in ranked makes it abundantly clear that SoOn is a sniper. While the skill/death ratio is not really an important one in this game, SoOn’s is 3.45, which is pretty impressive, and among the top 6% of all players. It means they are finding amazing spots to snipe from, while also using the Venom Mine to alert them to anyone flanking them.


Genji main is known as a scary thing. The lighting pace and the fact that he is able to reflect your attack back at you, before unleashing a fast ultimate and removing half of your team means that if you encounter a Genji, you hope it is not this player. A 4.16 eliminations each minute average suggests that you do not want to face IIIIIIIII, and a 4.69 kill death ratio confirms it.

4. Zebbosai

Zebbosai is the one that nails more than two eliminations a minute on average. Two eliminations in just a minute, that put this player in the top 1% for that stat and the top 4% for damage. When he is not playing McCree, it is all about Lucio, Soldier: 76 and Windowmaker, so this one is a bit of an all rounder, really, and a good thing too, since he plays for team Misfits, as a pro player.

5. Nevix

Nevix is sitting pretty with 2.85 eliminations per minute and 1.51 critical hits per minute, and with a 57.6$ win rate, his McCree just about tops out his Hanzo, even though it is clear that he is an accurate player, as his Hanzo play has him at 2.56 eliminations each minute, too. With the kill death ratio of 2.98, you do not want to be in his crosshairs.

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