How to Disable Villages, But Not Other Generated Structures on Minecraft

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When you are playing Minecraft, you may not want to find any villages in your game. In this case, you probably want to play Minecraft alone. Of course, it is so normal, in fact, there are many other Minecraft players that want to disable villages on their game. Sometimes, any village coming to our games is really annoyed at all.

Then, is it possible if you disable villages, but not other generated structures on Minecraft?

Generally, if you disable villages on your Minecraft game, the other structures also will be off automatically. But, it is not your desire, is it? In this case, you want to disable any villages, but not the generated structures. Certainly, if you want it, you may have to look for any smart way to make your dream come true. It may allow you to use any tools or certain ways to get it.

Well, you may exist on some Minecraft forums and by chance, there is someone who asked the question about this topic. Then, anyone on the forum gives the guide about the way of how to disable villages without turning off the other generated structures. That’s such a lucky guy, at all!

How to Disable Villages without Turning Off the Other Generated Structures

To disable any villages but you do not want to turn off the other generated structures, of course we have the ways that we get from Minecraft forum. Here are the ways:

  • The main thing that you have to recognize when you want to disable villages without turning off the other generated structures, you should get in touch with the customized world type.
  • You totally can do this with customized world type either prior to 1.13 (via an in-game menu) or in 1.16 and later by editing the json file for default world generation.
  • However, the expanded default settings json lists structures separately and you can just remove the ones you do not want to exist on your game.

The world type here means Custom in Minecraft. Moreover, Custom is a world type which allows the users to change the generation of the Overworld, Nether and End dimensions as well as the ability in creating custom dimensions. Indeed, it is edited using a JSON file imported on the world creation screen.

It means that you can disable any villages in Minecraft by using world type Custom.

Besides, to disable the villages without turning off the  other structures, you can also use certain Minecraft mod. We already know that to disable villages, the minecraftconfig “spawn structures” will work. But, it will disable all structures. In fact, you just really want to disable villages, not all other structures in Minecraft.

Another way to disable villages without turning off the other structures in Minecraft will be shown below!

  • You need to use any bukkit plugins.
  • Then, use world edit and world guard.

In this step, you can get a specific place in map by following any steps as follow:

  • Get a wand (a wooden axe)
  • Choose 2 locations by left and right clicking.
  • After that, create a region.
  • Then, set a flag to the region (/region flag NAME mob-spawning deny)

For the whole map, you can set a flag (/region flag __global__ mob-spawning deny)

Hopefully, those ways can help you to disable any villages without turning off the other generated structures in Minecraft. Good Luck!!!

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