How To Change Energy Points Into Heal Points for A124 on Free Fire

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During a Free Fire match, you are going to face other players and lose some of your Heal Points in combat. Also, the players are able to take damage from other sources too  such as fall damage or gas. This is when healing comes in. If you are not fast enough, your character would get killed. There are some ways to recover Heal Points in Free Fire.

There are 3 characters with the ability to recover Heal Points in Free Fire: Alok, Jota and A124. Alok is probably the best, as the guy is able to restore Heal Points for the whole squad, while Jota and A124 can only do it to themselves. Miguel’s skill which grants Energy Points (EP) recovery after kill can also be considered a heal. Antonio’s ability to obtain 35 Heal Points (HP) at the beginning of the round can also be counted.

In this article, we are going to talk about A124 and how she change Energy Points into Heal Points. As we know that A124 is a robot made with modern technology. She has two states of mind: normal mode and battle mode. Her special ability converts part of the Energy Points into Heal Points. A124 specializes in obtaining health in crunch situations. She is able to quickly turn a part of Energy Power into a health gain. Usually, EP takes time to refill but if you are playing A124, they work as Medkits. When you level her ability up, its cooldown lowers to 60 seconds and it is able to change 50 EP to instant health.


A124 is the most intriguing female character in Free Fire. Actually, it is not a girl per se, but it is a highly technological robot with the appearance of an 18-year old girl. You are able to tell her the soldier of the future that has high horsemanship technology to fulfill its missions.


This girl’s special ability is known as “Battle thrill”. This consists of converting your Energy Points into Heal Points, the negative of this is that when you activate this ability you have to wait a certain time to activate it again.


  • 1 level: change 25 life Energy Points every 150 seconds
  • 2 level: change 30 life Energy Points every 140 seconds
  • 3 level: change 35 life Energy Points every 130 seconds
  • 4 level: change 40 life Energy Points every 120 seconds
  • 5 level: change 45 life Energy Points every 110 seconds
  • 6 level: change 50 life Energy Points every 100 seconds


A124 is a character for aggressive players who likes emotions and above all to attack from the front without hiding since if you lose your life you are able to instantly recover it without using first aid kits, you only need to activate your special ability “battle emotion” in short A124. He is an ideal character for both close-range and long-distance confrontations.

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