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Zuma is known as a tile matching puzzle video game that was published by PopCap Games. This one is able to be played for free online at several sites. It was released for a number of platforms such as PDAs, mobile phones, and the iPod.

In one of the best sites to play hidden object games called Hidden4fun, there is also Zuma. This one is named Hidden4fun World of Zuma. Hidden4fun World of Zuma is a small refreshment in hidden4fun. This one is not a hidden object game but it is also very interesting game that will not disappoint you. It is quite addictive, that is for sure because it is very popular.

Hidden4fun World of Zuma is about the Hidden4fun version of the famous Zuma. For those who are wondering what kind of game is Zuma, here is a little explanation. You will be able to see a lot of colorful balls in the game and scope of the game that is actually very simple. You have to join three balls with the same color on the chain and destroy them. It might sound easy but it is not that easy because it asks for some strategic thinking in order to complete this task.

In Hidden4fun World of Zuma, you get a chance to choose your playing mode. For those the beginners, it is better for you to choose the easy mode as you become more skilled, the hard mode would be your bigger challenge.

Furthermore, Hidden4fun World of Zuma consists of three levels, three different worlds that hide tehir own challenges. The first one is Amazon Jungle, the second one is called Ancient Ruins, and the third one takes you to the Frozen Land. You can start joining the balls and if you do not manage to pass the level, you get an opportunity to play the level once again. Actually, if you are not satisfied with the score in general, you could play again every level you want.

Aside from Hidden4fun World of Zuma, there is also Zuma’s Revenge Game. Zuma’s Revenge Game is named as one of the puzzle game at Hidden4fun. It is also included as a Match 3 and Skill game. In the game, do your task with your froggy friend and shoot at groups of balls to blast your way to the finish in the game. You need to put your effort to get three or more of the same color to clear balls and complete the level by filling the Zuma bar, then eliminating all remaining balls. Aside from that, you need to move quickly. If the chain of the balls meets the skill, you will lose a frog. Please look out for the special balls that will give you power ups. Feel free to enter all the new world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land. You are able to tame the jungle by firing stone spheres to make matches and destroy the deadly stream of balls.

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