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There are a lot of online games that you are able to play for free. One of the sites which offer online games for free is Hidden 4 Fun. Have you ever played games in this site? Here, we are going to explain about it.

Hidden 4 Fun can be accessed at hidden4fun.com. In this site, you are able to play hidden object games, hidden clues, hidden numbers, hidden alphabet, spot the difference and puzzle. You may want to play Hidden Object with Bubble Shooter in this game. Is there any? Of course, you are able to play Hidden Object games with Bubble Shooter here. What Hidden Object games with Bubble Shooter can we play in this site? Here are some of them.

  • Pandoras Wish
  • Breakfast in Paris
  • Hidden Civilization
  • and many more

In this game, you will have missions. There will be 3 objectives and then a Bubble Shooter or Bonus Game. In the missions of the game, you have to find the required items. Let’s take an example. In the Pandoras Wish, there are 3 objectives and Bubble Shooter. In each Objective, you have to complete the missions. In Objective 1, you have to find some required items and the required items can be seen in the left side of the screen of the game. If you find the item, you have to click on the item and then the required item in the left side will disappear which means that it has been completed to found and you have to find the other items. If you have found all of the items, then there will be a message that you have completed it and you have to complete another mission. In the mission, there is also a mission where you have to find word. So, playing this game is fun, challenging enough and you will not be bored with it.

If you have completed three objectives, then there is Bubble Shooter. If you need a hint when you are playing game, there is Hint button in the game and you can click it. For example, you are not able to find the required items, so you are able to use the Hint button by clicking on it. Then, it will tell you where the item is.

In this game, usually there is a story. For example, in the Hidden Civilization game, it is told that there is a girl named Vivian who has arrived at the place where a lot of adventures have disappeared before. Then, Vivian want to solve this mystery forever and she will do everything she can to be able to manage it. She is about to find everything but she needs some help so that you will play in the game to help her. So, you have to be able to find all the objects hidden in the game to help her.

In each game, the story is different. So, you are able to try to play the games in Hidden 4 Fun to feel the different experience in the different story of each game.

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